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Maryland extends basketball coach Turgeon until 2026

COLLEGE GE PARK, MD (AP) – Maryland on Wednesday agreed to extend the contract of basketball coach Mark Turgeon for the 2025-26 season.

Turgeon has played five NCAAs at the school in ten years. Most recently, Maryland reached the second round this season before losing to Alabama.

“We believe in coach Turgeon and are excited about what is expected of Maryland basketball,” said sporting director Damon Evans. “The coach is fully committed to Maryland. As we move forward, we agree with the expectations of our program. The coach and staff have already worked to recruit and build on our recent success. ”

Turgeon’s deal includes what the university calls “revised financial terms.” Previously, it was extended until 2023, in 2016, when Maryland switched to Sweet 16.

In 2011, Turgion replaced Gary Williams as national team coach. He was recently transferred to the center of ud ordtown, Qudus Wahab և Rhode Island’s point guard Fats Russell.

“Maryland is a special place, and my commitment to the program has never wavered,” Turgeon said. “I am very proud of our recent achievements as the G20 champions in the NCAA Qualifiers for the last seven years, we are more hungry.”

Maryland is 221-113 years old during its 10 seasons at Torgeon College Park.


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