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Martin of South Carolina gets a 2-year extension without a raise

COLOMBIA, S.S. – South Carolina basketball coach Frank Martin has extended his contract for two years during the 2024-25 season.

The deal was approved by the school board of trustees on Friday.

The move comes after more than a month of questions about Martin’s future, when Gamecocks finished the season with a 5-16 record և failed to qualify for the NCAA Tournament as he finished in 2017.

Martin did not receive a raise. He will earn $ 3.2 million next season, and the university will not buy him a loan if he is fired in the last two years of the deal. Martin will also not owe the school if he goes to another job in the last two seasons of his contract.

Martin will earn $ 3.3 million over the last three years of his contract.

The coach has a record of 153-131 in nine seasons in South Carolina. His teams played 70-88 in the Southern Cell Conference game.

Martin and Gamox are battling the coronavirus in part this year. Martin tested twice positive for COVID-19, once last May and again in January. The team played only twice, from December 5 to January 16 due to the suspension due to the epidemic.

The following season, Martin was able to coach many different teams.

Four players – strikers Ayle McCreer, Just Astin Minaya, T Defenders TJ Moss և Trey Hannibal – entered the transfer portal after the season ended on March 11 with a 76-59 SEC loss to Mississippi.

Two additional players, striker Cashew Bryant and goalkeeper erma Ermine Queensnard, have joined the NBA conscription process. Both did not hire an agent so they could return to college.

Martin took on two transfers: Murray’s Chico Carter Jr. ջ Mason Mason’s striker A.J. Wilson.

Carter, who is from Colombia, averaged 12.7 points per game for the Riders last season. 6-year-old 7-year-old Wilson enters as a gradual transfer որ 2 holes is the all-time leader of Mason’s career with 212 blocked shots.

The team’s leading scorer, junior striker AJ Lawson has not yet announced his intentions for next season. After his freshman year, Lawson underwent conscription but returned to school. He became interested in the NBA after his sophomore year, until the epidemic changed the course, and he returned to university.

If the university fired Martin, he would owe $ 6.5 million. A huge sum of money, considering the $ 12.9 million he paid to the fired football coach Will Mushamp to terminate his contract.

Martin’s assistant Chuck Martin, who has nothing to do with the head coach, also received a one-year contract, which was approved by the trustees.


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