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Markkanen: Strong defense, Bulls gain 100-86 advantage over Pistons

DETROIT (AP) – Lori Markkanen had 16 points and eight rebounds and the Chicago Bulls used a strong defensive output to beat the Detroit Pistons 100-86 on Sunday night.

Ach ak LaVine scored 18 points for the Bulls, who lost two straight. Daniel Galford had eight points and 11 rebounds as Chicago Detroit had 16% (4 vs. 25) after a 3-meter kick.

Grant of the Era herd scored 26 points for the Pistons, who had won two in a row. Rookie Saddiq Bey, who averaged 24.0 points in victories over Detroit’s Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets. He did not score until he hit a useless 3-meter penalty on a dumb voice.

The Bulls were behind for most of the first half, but used the late run to take a 46-45 lead. Chicago hit 60% on 3 points, while the Pistons kept 20%.

Chicago widened the lead to 11 points in the first five minutes of the third quarter and continued to block Detroit’s shot. The Pistons went from 1 to 8 in the quarter, falling 16.7% during the game.

The Bulls won 75-65 in the fourth quarter, scoring 6 points on Denzel Valentin’s penalty kick and scoring 19 points. That prevented Chicago coach Billy Donovan from pushing too hard at the start in the back.


Bulls. Chicago took 6 victories in the game against “Pistons”, including 4-0 in the 2019-20-20 season. The series allowed the Sullers to take a 135-133 all-time lead, culminating 30 years ago in a game against Michael Jordan’s son-in-law against the Bad Boys.

Pistons. Grant, who scored 43 goals in his career in Chicago on February 17, finished with 26 points in the first quarter of Sunday, finishing 26th.


Bull wolves. Return home Monday to host the Utah azz az.

Pistons. Travel to Indianapolis to play with the Pacers during the NCAA break.


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