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Mariners midfielder Kyle Lewis could start the season on the knee with a knee injury

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PEORIA, Ariza. – When sailors announce their starting lineup on T-Mobile Field on Thursday night, following each player’s opening day tradition of descending from the field fence to the first baseline on the red carpet, there is a good chance that someone will step in. From Lewis, will be announced as the starting center.

Early Saturday afternoon, about four hours ago, the Mariners would play the Giants, whose team also clashed on the opening day – manager Scott Servis asked Lewis not to be in the starting line-up for the fifth game in a row, hitting a knee on the outside wall. Monday vs. Dodgers.

He acknowledged that Lewis, a projected clean-up striker in the American League of the Year, may not be ready to start the 2021 season. At first, the sailors thought the problem was insignificant, but Lewis was taken out of service as a precaution. But the knee did not respond to treatment and rest.

“I do not think any of us were worried any time soon,” said Servis. “He did a few other tests on it. He has a pretty deep bruise on his bone. I think that’s the best way to describe it. It’s on the outside of his right knee. “

The “In Riders” are on vacation on Sunday, then their last game is against the “Reds” in Gudyar. It is expected that Luis will not participate in that game either.

“Given where we are, we will try to bring that calm as soon as possible,” said Service. “But being so close to the opening day, I got this news again a while ago. we have to wait and see how it goes. Will it be open until the opening day? I’m not sure if anyone is surprised by what we thought during the first two days here, but it does make sense that he did not actually respond as he or the teaching staff had hoped. But we are approaching the opening day, so I think it’s a little risky. “

A year ago, Lewis, along with Kyle Sieger, was responsible for most of the in-line production. It was supposed that the return of Mitch Hannier: Tom Murphy ավել the addition of Ty France would give more depth to the lineup. But it is shocking that Luis is not there behind Suja.

After a slow start this spring, he has had six hits in his last 15 fights, including three doubles, a triple, a homer, three RBIs, a no-hit run.

“I thought he was really starting to get his time rhythm at the plate,” said Servis. “He was excellent at hitting the ball. I felt really good about where he was, իհարկե of course, this is a setback. He has not played in the last four or five days, will not play (again) here in the Cactus League. We have to wait and see when he can return. I do not want to go too far from the rabbit hole. “I hope he can knock out this and come back with us soon, but it ‘s worrying.”

After the Cactus League final on Monday afternoon, the sailors will leave Arizona for Seattle. They will have a holiday on Tuesday with select players’ work, and on Wednesday – regular training. Even if Lewis’ knee starts to spin, he will go nine days without a game. Is it too long for him to succeed?

“All the players are different in terms of time,” he said. “I do not want to go too far. I do not know how long it will take him to calm down. Is it possible to return on opening day? One week from the season? I do not know. So I do not want to speculate on what will raise him to the ramp or something. “One thing I do now is that he is not going to be there until he feels 100% safe, as he will be trained by the staff and the doctors.”

If Luis started the season on the injury list, which seems very likely, the sailors would have to make a decision. They really do have some positional flexibility. Taylor Tramel, who planned to be on the left side of the first day, started the center field on Saturday evening. He started there on Friday, Wednesday in the absence of Lewis, and started six games there this spring. Ake and Frayley also played in the center field, and Braden Bishop, who was recently selected on the alternative training site, is the best central defender.

The In-Riders could enter the season at the center of Trammell, Fraley at left-back, Mitch Haniger at right-back, and Jose Marmolejos’s second-in-command, Communist Sam Hagerty Դ Dylan Moore, as needed additions, if needed.

And of course, who can forget about Arred Kelenich? The Mariners’ foreign prospect has started 128 games in the central field in small leagues. He was reassigned to a minor league camp on Friday, but the Sailors can still opt for his juvenile league contract, adding him to the 40-man squad if Lewis is added to the injured list. But given the possible reasons why he was not included in the opening day list – development, experience or service – it is unlikely that this will change their thinking with Kelenich.

According to MLB sources, Deepoto, the general manager, was already looking for a market for a potential left-handed bat that could play on the left field, so they could certainly be key to looking for a central player who would be in the short term. supplements: It is expected that there will be a number of veteran players in the market, whose teams will decide on their opening day lists in the coming days. One of the possible candidates is veteran Cameron Maybin, who played with Seattle for a short time in 2018, and the Cubs were released on Saturday.

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