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“Mariners” 7. They repeat the victory over “Cleveland” with 3 points, lagging behind Heniger and Moore

Box points:

Proving that they were able to run, to win games on a regular basis, before arred Kelenik was named in pencil, although this has not been the case in recent weeks, but the sailors used to run home from Mitch Hanniger և Dylan Moore և Saturday night T-Mobile After Donova Walton’s triple triple at Park, she easily beat Cleveland 7-3 without drama.

“Our crime is just beginning to come to life,” said manager Scott Service. “It’s the nights together when we did really good things in the pastry box. It’s great to see it start to unite, the top and bottom lineup, everyone is getting mixed up. ”

Like the victory on Friday night, which is also 7. Seattle was 3 points away, with Seattle quickly launching the first race of Cleveland starting manager Thiston McKenzie to make an early impact.

An hour later, after surprising the fans with հ two doubles, Kelenich received three shots instead of 5 instead of 5, with several solid pitches, which were called shots that were borderline. Such games will take place for any player. And it reminds the very enthusiastic fans that this game is difficult, failure is common.

After hitting Kelenich, who wanted to start the game, McKenzie had to meet Hanniger, who appeared on his last plate on Friday.

After the sleigh of the first pitch was actually thrown from the middle, Hanniger watched excitedly as it passed, Mackenzie tossed the same pitch in virtually the same place.

That was wrong.

This time McKenzie was annoyed by the sight as Haniger jumped on the field, sending a mammoth solo from the Homer digital sign above the Mariners. The magnitude of the blast was 438 feet, the longest in his career at T-Mobile Park.

It was 12 Hanigersթ: homer in the season that is the most in the American League.

After complaining about his team’s combat bombs at the start of the game, Servais saw some improvement in the approach for the first and second time through the hitting order. The In Ovins have had 18 hits in the last two games, including seven doubles, triples and fifths.

“I thought the last two nights they were much better, I thought our plan և approach was to get into the game from a team perspective, we had a very clear idea of ​​what we wanted to do based on what What have we seen of these two starting pitchers that the Indians have had since their last tour? That’s what it takes. You have to do your homework, you have to have a plan to get into it,: you have to believe in it, then commit to it. We did it. “

They may need more than enough for the four-game series Sunday final. Right-handed Shane Bieber, winner of the AL Cy Young Award, will start while Seattle will go with the reassuring Robert Dagger as the bull kicks off.

Seattle seemed to be able to open the game when Kyle Sieger scored a double, but McKenzie retired with the next six shots in front of him.

But the cane of the right hand, which stands at 6 feet 5 5 և’s a list of generous 165 pounds, fell to fourth place. He walked over to Siger և Kyle Lewis to get started. Later, leaving Moore, Moore continued to rise slowly from the terrible decline of the early season. McKenzie left another slider in the middle, և Moore sent a high-flying ball into the Grich անվ talking insecure people. It was Moore’s third home in six games.

In the fifth step, Seattle, flying in the bag of Jose Marmolekhos, loaded up on another run.

The increased support of the race was useful for Seattle rookie Just Astus Sheffield, who made six innings, scoring twice with two strokes, two strokes to win, and 3-3 in the season. He made some preliminary moves, most notably Cleveland All-Star All-Star Jose Oze Ramirez, who had three doubles.

But he was able to work during the first five innings without being allowed to run, getting some help from his defense by performing with the runners in the position of earning a few big pitches.

Cleveland finally reached Sheffield in the sixth. He took the lead, իր Ramեսըrez regained his third double against him on three plates. With the participation of the second-third runners, with no way out, a pair of ground balls, the first of which the sailors lost the runs, scoring 5-2 each.

Still, it was a good start for Sheffield, a return from a previous tour of Texas, where he gave up seven runs, taking five strokes out of 10.

Seattle did not receive a score from Drew Steckenider և Will West.

Walton, who was called up ahead of Friday’s game, added a number of possible insurers in the top five, tripling in the right-hand corner with a double run.


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