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March is the month when the Tokyo Olympics were postponed

TOKYO (AP) – Now is March, the month when the Tokyo Olympics split just a year ago. Will it happen again? Frankly, it seems unlikely.

The start of the torch relay from March 25 in Fukushima Prefecture in northeastern Jail is more than three weeks away. It will include 10,000 runners and will end at the opening ceremony on July 23 in Tokyo.

These are, of course, the Television Olympics. Tourists will be few և there will be no party atmosphere. The focus will be on 11,000 athletes performing in front of the cameras, then getting them out of Japan as soon as possible.

About 40% of the Olympic qualifiers are still open, so there will be a lot of last-minute entries, inflow rules about who qualifies, and, of course, some unfortunate athletes who have been left out.

And there will be many guides that follow the so-called Playbooks published by the International Olympic Committee. They are still uncertain, but will be updated in April-June.

These Olympic Games have passed a lot. A global epidemic of corruption that forced former IOC member Takeda to resign as head of the Aponia Olympic Committee. And last month, the 83-year-old chairman of the organizing committee was fired for making sexist statements.

Yoriro Mori has been replaced by a woman, 56-year-old Seiko Hashimoto, who promises change on the gender equality front.

Question. What difference will it make now that a woman heads the organizing committee?

Answer: It feels mostly symbolic, which is still a great victory for women in Aponia. The Old Boys network was hit last month, even as Mori tried to replace himself with an even bigger man.

Hashimoto promised to increase the membership of the executive council almost immediately, reaching 40% female. It now stands at about 20%. Unfortunately, the organizing committee, which employs about 3,500 people, will be dissolved after the Olympic Games.

The current executive council has 37 members, including Hashimoto. There are eight women. According to local newspapers, former Olympic medalist Hashimoto will add 11 women this week.

Question. What is the epidemic and vaccinations in Japan aponia?

Aponia is several months behind other major economies. It started distributing vaccines about 10 days ago. Japan Aponia also controlled the virus much better than most other major countries. Japan Aponia, with a population of 126 million, attributed almost 8,000 deaths to COVID-19. This compares with 330 million people in the United States, with more than 510,000 deaths.

Japan is expected to lift the state of emergency on March 7. After that, it is reported that the country is ready to lift the ban on athletes who want to enter, train or compete.

H. Do Athletes Need to Get Vaccinated to Get Will Aponia?

No. The IOC has said it will not require athletes or “participants” to be vaccinated. But it encourages it և The 206 participating nations and territories all behave differently.

Question. How much does it cost to host the Tokyo Olympics?

Answer. Olympic spending is hard to come by. The basis of the problem is this. What are the Olympic costs and what are not?

Economists suggest paying attention to the concept of “possible costs”. Simply put, not every cent spent on the Olympics can be spent elsewhere on schools, hospitals or train stations.

The official value of the Tokyo Games is $ 15.4 billion, which makes them the most expensive Olympics in the state of registration. And several national audits confirm that real costs can be doubled. The total amount of about $ 6.7 billion is public money. The IOC bears only a small part of the costs.

H. Will there be fans? When will the officials decide?

Hashimoto noted that there should be a limited number of fans. The decision should be made in the next few weeks. Many fans from abroad hardly think that any reduction of fans will be costly. The organizing committee has budgeted $ 800 million in ticket sales. Short deficits will be compensated by the Japanese aponia state body.

Hashimoto said the decision on the fans would be made last week at a joint meeting of the organizing committee, the Tokyo metropolitan government, the IOC and the national government.


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