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Mad Bum is becoming more open to D-backs; Cluber is Yanks No. 2

Arizona Diamondbacks are ready to open the season with a familiar horse. On the hill with Mad Bum.

Madison Bougarner sent a crossover to manager Torrey Lovullo on Thursday, the day of his second straight Diamondbacks launch in San Diego.

The 31-year-old four-star All-Star fought last season. His first in Arizona, 1-4, at 6.48 ERA. He is in three spring starts 2. He earned a score of 6.35 ERA, including six points on Friday against C incinati.

But the Bulgarians, who signed a five-year, $ 85 million deal before last season, will also lead the Diamondbacks rotation, which will include Merrill Kelly, Caleb Smith, Taylor Widener and Luke Weaver. This will be the seventh opening day of the Boomers’ career, after doing it five times with San Francisco.

The Yankees are also rotating, announcing on Sunday that Corey Cluber will be chasing Toronto goalkeeper Gerrit Cole.

Cluber, who signed a one-year contract with New York for 11 million dollars, played one step in the regular season, because in 2019. On May 1, Combeck hit his right forearm, with no one tearing his muscle, on his right shoulder in his July 26 debut in Texas.

“We will be a little more conservative with him in terms of pitch calculation,” said manager Aaron Boone of the 34-year-old two-time winner of the Cy Young.

At the same time, on Eamson Tylon for the first time will pass through the rotation of Yankee. He recovered on August 13 as Tommy John recovered from his second operation.

The final of the series against Domingo մանըn Hermann against the “Blue Ice Aces” will start on April 4, his first appearance in the last two years. The 28-year-old right-hand man was on administrative leave on September 19, 2019, while MLB was investigating an incident of alleged domestic violence related to his girlfriend, with whom he has at least one child.

The left-wing Jordan Worm Montgomery will launch against Baltimore on April 5.


Zack Wheeler made his sixth start in Philadelphia, allowing hitting and walking in three closed times, delivering four hits. Alex Bom had two hits, including his fourth double.

Cluber struggled for control in his fourth start in New York with two runs, three hits in four steps and five hits in a three-thirds finish. Hey hey Bruce doubled up և walked.

The Phillies have announced that midfielder Scott Kinger, catching Rafael Marchan and left-handed Joo Romero are being selected for the minor league camp. In addition, the Phillies reappointed the catch Rodolfo Duran և midfielder Travis Jankowski: released the catch Christian Bethankour.


Moises Gomez hit Homer on three runs in the third half of his spring to take the 12-run eighth start to Tampa Bay. MLB’s best prospect, Wonder Franco, had an RBI single at the rally, which saw the rays hit 12 times before recording a second result. Of the first 13 battles on Thursday, 12 reached the base. Ms. Kirmayer had a double առաջին her first home team with two shots. Ryan Yarbrow made his fourth start, scoring two shots in three 1/5 innings.

Freddie Freeman had two hits, including a double, his first home run in the sixth. Alex Acks Exxon was seventh on the second day of spring with the runner. Charlie Morton made his third start, allowing two hits and two walks in three relentless innings. Morton did not run this spring.

Pirates 2, Orioles 1:

Adam Fraser doubled the lead to lead the Pittsburgh game with a goal from Troy Stokes’ single. Frazier added an RBI single in the second.

Mitch Keller made his fifth start for the Rays Pirates. He came in with a 16.20 ERA after 22 runs of 22 hits in 22 strokes in an 8 1/3 indie, but threw three goalless tackles against Baltimore, allowing one stroke in four moves.

Matt Harvey made his fourth start for the Orioles, conceding two runs in five laps, five hits and two walks. Usniel Diaz scored a double for one of Baltimore’s two hits.


Jesus Aguilar had three hits for Miami, including a solo in the second trick. Aguilar doubled during the run, first in four runs. Daniel Castano made his third start in his fifth appearance, allowing one run, five strokes in a 4 4/2 ending, scoring five.

Brandon Nimo held his second home race for New York. Michael Conforto had two hits, including his first double.

RED SOX 8, Gemini 3:

Enrique Hernandez և François Cordero played for the hosts against Jose Berios of Minnesota.

Xander Bogaerts recorded the RBI single for the fifth time. JD Martinez had two hits, including his fourth double, leading two. Cesar Puelo hit his second home with a solo shot.

Berios made his fifth start for Minnesota, losing three runs, seven hits in a 4 1/3 indie.


Jon oh Lester made his first spring with Washington in his first spring, allowing three runs, two of which he earned, five hits, two of which he walked 4 1/3 times.

Ryan Zim Immermann hit his sixth Spring Band, adding an RBI single for the Nationals in the second. Alex Avila had two hits, including his second home run. Victor Robles had three hits, including his sixth double, on RBI, and Kyle Schwarber doubled his lead three times.

St. Louis High Promotion Prospect Matthew Libatore made his debut in his fifth appearance, allowing two runs, three strokes and two steps, bringing out four of the seven strokes he retired.


Tarik Skubal made his third start for Detroit in his fifth game, throwing five newcomers, allowing one run, three hits and a walk. Cody Clemens, the son of Roger Clemens, winner of the Cy Young sevens, had an RBI single. Nomar Mazara hit his first homer.

Ross Stripling made his third start for Toronto in his fourth game, allowing one run և four hits in 5 5/2 games.


Jake Arrieta stopped to take the second step to load the foundations, then hit a shot that made the first run six runs in the second move. He finished with four runs, which allowed five hits in 2 2/3.

In the fourth, Jock Pederson played his eighth home wand for the Canberra with a man.

Kohei Arihara allowed three runs, two on Pederson’s Homers, five hits և Rangers started more than four times. In the second, Joe Gallo hit the three-pointer.

LETTERS 7, RED 1 (7)

Corbyn Burns scored nine Reds in his five-time start, scoring just three hits, including Tyler Nakin’s solo run. Burnes had 1.65 ERA this spring in 21 1/3 rounds with 35 hits.

Avisail Garcia was the first to hit the two-run home team for Milwaukee. Christian Elich tripled, and Jack Eckie Bradley Jr. walked away, splitting two runs.

Hoffmann opened the scoring for the Reds, conceding four runs, three shots and two steps, while scoring just two exits. Sean Doolittle started the second step, allowing two runs, three strokes, coming out of the only two strokes he retired from.


Five o’clock Masgrove did not allow a shot on goal in his fifth start, two walks and six shots for “Padres”. Masgrow also scored a double in two strikers and scored a double by Fernando Tatis Jr.

McKenzie Gore gave Osh osh Naylor three runs in the sixth.

Early in Cleveland, Triston Mackenzie worked five times, allowing three runs and seven hits.


Dowleton Eries lost the fight to Mike Jastrezemsky in his fifth start at Oakland, allowing three hits. Matt Olson singled out three home runs.

Coner Menez played two aimless contributions at the start of the “Giants”. In the fifth, Sam Selman made two shots, but left one, allowed two runs, two shots. Junior Marté refused three runs, three hits, two steps, was able to retire only one in the ninth. The giants used 10 pitchers and launched nine walks.

WHITE SOX 7, Diamond balloons 4

Merrill Kelly allowed the run և to hit four of his five starting starts, hitting six. Joachim Soria left the team in the sixth round. Stephen Crichton gave up five wins, two hits, three steps, and failed to register in the eighth. Osh osh Rojas tripled to run two runs.

Dallas Keuchel scored five of five shots for the White Sox, allowing two shots on five hits. Codi Heuer scored in the eighth and Liam Hendricks retired in the ninth. In the eighth, Matt Reynolds ran twice with a double.


Royals starter Mike Minor allowed him to earn և five hits in five five-year periods. Adalberto Mondes became a unique compatriot, and Jorge Soler had two hits, including a double.

Chi Chi González started for the Rockies, scoring five in his fifth start, conceding three runs. Daniel Bard hit all three of the five. Josh Fuentes with a double 4: He scored 4 points, Raimel Tapia scored two goals, ran, and Colton Welker took eighth.

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