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Lone chimpanzees in Czech zoos head to Zoom to join during blocking

Two groups of chimpanzees, immersed in loneliness and boredom, against the background of the coronavirus epidemic, have found a new way to have fun thanks to the idea of ​​interested staff.

Animals in the Czech Dvur Kralove Safar պ Park մեկ Another zoo in Brno suffered from a blockage due to lack of visitors. Staff say that for such intelligent creatures, stimulation և interaction is possible for their happiness: well-being.

But because the coronavirus shows no signs of slowing down in the country, the crew faces the challenge of trying to entertain the animals inside the enclosures without having to go through people to deal with them.

The zoos were ordered to close in December last year, and it is unknown when they will be allowed to reopen.

According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 24,000 people have died in the Czech Republic from COVID-19. But as neighboring countries in Europe begin to move away from tougher domestic measures, the Czech Republic continues to record new infections amid a fresh, severe outbreak of a version first discovered in the UK that has yet to be curbed.

Animal rights activist Gabriela Linhartova told CNN that at first the animals were unsure of their new technology and were wary of it.

The group includes chimpanzees such as Fabén, Inan և Mary, who are able to virtually watch other monkeys at another zoo for several hours a day.

“At first they approached the screen with defensive or threatening gestures,” he said, although he added that the chimps had changed their behavior at the time, as if they were now enjoying their daily video calls, even catching a few snacks. that people do before they have some fun.

“After that, it switched to ‘I’m in the movies’ mode,” he said.

Live streams are broadcast daily from 8 am to 4 pm և are also available on the zoo website, which is a great joy for animal lovers who are able to watch groups eat, sleep and face to face.

The staff schedule can be extended from one week to the end of March, if successful, staff said, adding that keeping the animals entertained throughout the day can be a “difficult” process.

Prime Minister Andrei Babis acknowledged this month that officials had reacted strongly to the health crisis, adding that the government had made “too many mistakes” in fighting the epidemic. Critics say the government eased blocking measures too late last year, saying emerging options were not taken seriously.

Residents have found themselves under a new nationwide blockade that allows them to leave their homes for only significant reasons.


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