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Live. Daily Coronavirus Updates, March 28. What to Know About COVID-19 in Seattle, Washington, DC և Worldwide

Communities around the world are paying more attention to young people fighting the coronavirus as April approaches.

Some states in the United States are opening up vaccines to the general population, and now high-risk seniors and medical staff are taking the lead. Several universities offer vaccination disks to the university. Some states reopen public spaces. Experts warn that as the infection weakens in the elderly, new options may explode as young people return to social life or the crowds.

The question of the day in Washington state is how quickly children and teachers will return to school.

School districts are closing rapidly by Governor Aye Insley by the April 5 deadline, offering at least a hybrid version of online mixed-in personalized lessons for fifth- or sixth-graders in kindergarten. And by April 19, all K-12 students must have a hybrid version that includes at least two days of individual instruction per week. Teachers are eligible for vaccination appointments, but many have not yet completed two doses – waiting a few days to become completely immune. Still, the Seattle Public Schools Association did ratify the agreement to return elementary students to class at midnight on April 5.

On Sunday, we will post on this page the Breaking National և outbound reports of the outbreak, its aftermath in the Seattle area, the Pacific Northwest և world. Saturday updates can be found here, and all of our coronavirus coverage here.

The following chart includes the latest issues from the Washington State Department of Health, released Saturday afternoon.,

Universities demand to vaccinate students

A number of US universities are planning to vaccinate students as they gradually return to college, in some cases as early as this week.

The University of Arizona will open student assignments on Friday to hire 4,000 people a day at expected rates. The University of North Carolina has received 2,000 doses and will be vaccinating students on Wednesday, preferably in groups.

Some local health authorities are waiting for guidance. College students have largely been left out of the early stages of vaccine carriers as states have given priority to medical staff or senior citizens who are most at risk of dying from catching COVID-19.

The University of Washington will conduct most of its spring courses online, returning mainly to the fall semester of individual classes. President Biden has announced that the vaccines will be available to all Americans by May 1.

Read more about university programs here.

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