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Live. Daily Coronavirus Updates, February 27. What to Know About COVID-19 in Seattle, Washington, D.C.

We are updating this page with the latest news on the COVID-19 epidemic ազդեց its impact in Seattle, USA և worldwide. Click here to see the live updates of the previous days լուս coverage of all our coronaviruses և here to see how we are catching up և with the daily spread in Washington և around the world.

Scientists are serious about mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves, including office clothes and pajamas, for example.

Imagine doing the same with COVID-19 vaccines, perhaps combining the first dose of AstraZeneca with the second dose supplied by Novavax. What will be the consequences of such a mixture?

It is unlikely to be an idle question. Either accidentally or by accident, some inappropriate doses are unavoidable, experts say.

Two vaccines are currently being administered throughout the United States, with a third expected to join next week and two more in the next few months. All but one were intended for delivery as a two-dose regimen.

More about this story here.

– Melissa Hill, Los Angeles Times

Portlanders try to fix 3400 COVID vaccine prescriptions 400,000 times, causing neglected system change

The electronic COVID-19 vaccine fixation system in Portland reached its boiling point this week. Not just for the thousands of embittered seniors who spent hours unsuccessfully making appointments on a slow-moving, flattering website, but also for heads of state who finally noticed:

On Friday, county residents made 400,000 attempts to book just 3,800 appointments, Oregon Health Director Patrick Allen announced the big change.

More about this story here.

– Amy Green, oregonlive.com

The deep demand for COVID-19 tests may be influenced by the United States

WASHINGTON (AP) – Just five weeks ago, the Los Angeles area was testing more than 350,000 coronaviruses a week, including at a mass site at Dodger Stadium as paramedics rushed to contain COVID-19, the worst hotspot in the United States.

Now, district officials say testing has almost collapsed. More than 180 government-sponsored sites operate at only one-third of their capacity.

“It’s shocking how fast we’ve gone from 100 miles per hour to about 25,” said Dr. Clemens Hong, who is leading the district testing operation.

More about this story here.

– Matthew Perron, Associated Press

A year after the coronavirus, Seattle Mayor Enny Durka has no regrets, but a few things he would like to know

Everyone has their moment. That day, the event or the moment when this strange virus, which they read about as concrete, began to seem different, bigger.

A year ago, on Sunday, the mayor of Seattle was the chief marshal of downtown Durres Girl Scout Parade Advertise their new Lemon-Ups cookie. “They are absolutely delicious,” she told the man in the lemon suit.

He was called a few hours later. A man died of COVID-19 in Kirkland at the time of the country’s first death. And there were more positive tests around the district.

“It will stay with me forever,” Durka said last week. “It was my first big oh no moment.” More about this story here.

– David Gatman

Has the COVID-19 epidemic changed human behavior forever?

When will we get another one? As for hugging Grandma. First date kiss (or even continue)? Will we always have to wear masks and count the days before vaccinations are given?

The impression is that the epidemic is changing everything, but as vaccines spread և as we look at the light at the end of the tunnel, the question now is whether there are any real changes we should have made in the coming years. There will be one year of epidemic life left.

It is difficult to predict the future. Just ask the people who do it for a living. Speculative fiction writers such as Seattle Sean McGuire. More about this story here.

– Chris Talbot

House spends $ 1.9 trillion as Democrats work to save pay rises


The vote was 219-212, with Democrats arguing that the event would take place against the unanimous opposition of Republicans. After the midnight debate, two Democrats, Jared Golden of Maine and Kurt Schroeder of Oregon, split from their party and voted against the bill.

The program provided $ 1,400 in direct payments to individuals earning up to $ 75,000 a year and to couples working up to $ 150,000. It will also extend the weekly federal unemployment benefit, which is set to end in mid-March, bringing payments to $ 400 a week to $ 300 and extending them until the end of August. This will increase the child’s tax credit. Allocate more than $ 50 billion for vaccine distribution, testing, traceability, nearly $ 200 billion to elementary and high schools, and $ 350 billion to state, local, and tribal governments. More about this story here.

– My Tankerslin և Emily Cochran, The New York Times



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