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Live. Coronavirus Daily News Updates, March 9. What to Know About COVID-19 in Seattle, Washington, DC և Worldwide

Health care providers in Washington have imported more than 2 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine since mid-December on Monday, a milestone in the continuation of the state vaccine series. As spring approaches, the country’s colleges are canceling their spring break or canceling it altogether to encourage parties that could spread the virus.

At the same time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Monday that fully vaccinated Americans can reunite with other vaccinated individuals without wearing a mask or social distance.

We are updating this page with the latest news on the COVID-19 epidemic և its impact on Seattle, the US և the world. Click here to see the live updates of the previous days բոլոր all our coronavirus coverage, here to see how we are catching up և with the daily spread in Washington և around the world.

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If you have had your vaccine, the CDC has a message for you. You can gather with other vaccinated people indoors without a mask or social distance. The new guide to gathering unvaccinated people (like grandmothers) is an encouraging look at the next phase of the epidemic. Here’s a quick look at what vaccinated people should and should not do.

Does the CDC leadership mean a sweet meeting for you? We would like to tell you these happy stories և We hope you will share them.

Women report worse side effects after vaccination at least in part because of differences in the immune systems of men and women.

Lower Elwha Klallam tribe և The Port Angeles School District created a unique learning center after the epidemic hit, wrapping the children in a normal position, helping to raise their grades. Now they plan to keep it open beyond the epidemic. Look inside; the photos are nice.

“The happiest place on earth” is terribly unfortunate for employees these days. Disney World employees start spitting, shouting and pushing when they try to apply COVID-19 safety rules.

– Chris Higginson

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