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Live. Coronavirus Daily News Updates, March 7. What to Know About COVID-19 in Seattle, Washington, DC և Worldwide

The U.S. Senate has passed a $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus aid package that includes boosts of up to $ 1,400 for people earning $ 75,000 or less, $ 350 billion for city-states, and $ 130 billion for schools. The package also allows for additional $ 300 weekly unemployment benefits until September.

In other parts of the world, Swedish police dispersed hundreds of people who had gathered in central Stockholm to protest against the Swedish government’s coronavirus restrictions.

We are updating this page with the latest news on the COVID-19 epidemic ազդեց its impact in Seattle, USA և worldwide. Click here to see the live updates of the previous days լուս coverage of all our coronaviruses և here to see how we are catching up և with the daily spread in Washington և worldwide.

Massive mass tests, wearing masks help Detroit slow down virus rate

DETROIT (AP) – It was March 11 last year when Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced that the St. Patrick’s Day parade had been canceled because a virus had reached Michigan that had already infected tens of thousands around the world.

“All these people stood shoulder to shoulder for hours, it was a recipe for spreading the problem,” Duggan told reporters at the time. He said it would be “a few days” before the city dweller became infected.

He was right. COVID-19 hits Detroit hard. But prompt action by city officials at the start of the epidemic could slow the virus from spreading rapidly among Detroit’s predominantly black population.

Detroit registered 431 confirmed COVID cases on March 30, 2020, and another 387 two days later, according to the city Department of Health. 49 deaths were registered on April 1, another 51 on April 9, and 52 on April 16.

“We know Detroit was one of the first in the nation to be hit by COVID,” said Richina Tipirneni, an assistant professor of internal medicine at the University of Michigan. “People live in more crowded houses, they need public transport to get the jobs they need.”

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– The Associated Press

Workers worry about safety and stress as states simplify mask rules

AC EXXON, Mississippi (AP) – Leo Carney worries that more crowds և without masked dinners may be at risk at the seafood restaurant in Biloxi, Mississippi, where he runs the kitchen. Maribel Cornejo, who works for $ 9.85 as a McDonald’s chef in Houston, can’t afford to get sick, It will make it easier for employees to wear masks even though the fast food company demands them.

As more powers are added to Texas, Mississippi, and other states to remove masked mandates and ease business restrictions, many potential employees, including bartenders, restaurant servers, and retailers, are exempt from changes that may help the economy, but they are concerned. that they can do less. safe against the backdrop of an epidemic that health professionals warn is not over.

Many businesses on the Mississippi Gulf Coast were pleased that Governor Tate Reeves had decided to lift mask requirements, restaurant seat restrictions, and other mandatory restrictions. “But the workers themselves, especially those who used to have pre-existing conditions, are now scared,” Carney said.

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– The Associated Press

$ 1.9 tons of COVID bill highlights coming to an end

Washington (AP) – The Senate on Saturday approved a comprehensive bailout package against the Republican opposition, bringing President Biden closer to a political victory event that will provide $ 1,400 in coupons for the majority of Americans ուղղ sending billions of dollars to schools, states, local governments and businesses.

The bill, which was chosen after a one-night vote in the marathon, was passed by a vote of 50-49, and has now returned to the House for final approval, which may come as early as next week.

Democrats say their “American rescue program” will help the country overcome the virus and improve its economy. Republicans have criticized the $ 1.9 trillion package, which is too expensive. The move builds on five earlier virus bills totaling about $ 4 trillion that Congress came into force last spring.

Read about some important points of the legislation here.

– The Associated Press

Who will actually go back to school? Many families of color, children with health problems do not feel confident

The debate over when to reopen schools has revolved around the argument that children, especially students of color, do better when studying in school buildings. But some families backtrack on the idea that their children do just as well, and sometimes even better, when they learn from home security. Not because learning online was great, but because the school itself was awesome.

In nationwide cities that have resumed in-person study, white families predominate significantly among returnees. This division is another example of how the epidemic differs sharply for different groups.

“No one knows the needs of colored families more than colored families,” said Mackie Park, whose child attends Diarburn Park International School in Seattle.

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– Hannah Furfaroy Ռ oy oy Resmov


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