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Live. Coronavirus Daily News Updates, March 3. What to Know About COVID-19 in Seattle, Washington, DC և Worldwide

The United States is likely to supply all coronavirus vaccine pictures to all adults by the end of May – two months ahead of schedule – President Biden said on Tuesday, adding that states should aim to fire at least one teacher by the end of March to speed up school reopening.

Following that state, Governor Aye Insley announced that educators and licensed child care workers would be able to immediately seek out COVID-19 vaccines in accordance with new instructions from the federal government. However, Biden’s order raises concerns for other groups on the Washington front as they see their position on the list decline.

We are updating this page with the latest news on the COVID-19 epidemic և its impact on the Seattle area, USA և world. Click here to see the live updates of the previous days բոլոր all of our coronavirus coverage և here to see how we are catching up ամեն with the daily spread in Washington և around the world.

After a difficult year, Seattle bowling alleys were carefully reopened according to COVID-19 guidelines

One bullet hits all the pins, which is called a blow.  Spin Alley Bowling reopens at Shoreline under state COVID-19 guidelines after a tough year for bowling alleys in Washington.
One bullet hits all the pins, which is called a blow. Spin Alley Bowling reopens at Shoreline under state COVID-19 guidelines after a tough year for bowling alleys in Washington.

Shoreline’s Spin Alley Bowling scene last Friday night looked almost like a pre-election COVIDian.

All 16 zones were busy bowling, dropping pins, throwing drinks back, and laughing. There was a lot of laughter, even if you could not see the smiles behind the masks.

“I’m happy to be here,” said Scott Andersen, whose son, Paddy, was busy gathering circles as quickly as possible. “I’m glad to be with other people.”

The bowling alleys of Washington state rolled the ball again on February 1, according to the gradual reopening of Governor Aye Insley, losing most of the winter after the blockade. Like most businesses, bowling alleys are now limited to Stage 2 with 25% occupancy, equipment cleaning rules, and social distance. They must also follow the rules of bars and restaurants if they serve food or alcohol.

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– Chris Talbot for The Breaking National

Delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to African countries is accelerating

More African countries received the first shipments of the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday, and Kenya and Rwanda took advantage of the COVAX Global Initiative to provide doses to low- and middle-income countries around the world.

Other African health officials have been disappointed that several rich countries are spinning vaccines after raising large sums of money.

“We will become known as the COVID continent if Africa does not quickly reach its goal of vaccinating 60% of its 1.3 billion people,” said John on Nkengasong, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ,

So far, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Angola and Congo have also received their first doses of the vaccine through COVAX, and several other countries, including Mali, Senegal, Malawi and Uganda, are set to receive it this week.

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– The Associated Press

Dolly Parton, who helped fund the Moderna vaccine, gets “her own dose of medicine”

Dolly Parton in 2019 in Los Angeles.  The Grammy Award-winning singer, actor և Humanities posted a video on Tuesday where she sang before filming her COVID-19 vaccine.  Parton donated $ 1 million to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, for coronavirus research.  (Photo by St ordan Strauss / Invision / AP, file)
Dolly Parton in 2019 in Los Angeles. The Grammy Award-winning singer, actor and philanthropist posted a video on Tuesday in which she sang shortly before the COVID-19 vaccine was shot. Parton donated $ 1 million to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, for coronavirus research. (Photo by St ordan Strauss / Invision / AP, file)

The melody was familiar, but the words were written for a moment. “Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine. I ask you, please do not hesitate. “

Country music legend and beloved philanthropist Dolly Parton was in Tennessee on Tuesday to receive the Moderna vaccine, which she helped fund.

In the United States, against the backdrop of the pessimism of vaccines, prominent politicians and celebrities received their shots in public, encouraging others to register. The video came as President Biden said the country would have enough doses of the vaccine for every adult by the end of May, following the July announcement, bringing with it the promise of a more normal summer.

In February, the singer told USA Today that she would not “jump” to get vaccinated.

It was Parton’s turn on Tuesday, he had a message for others.

“I just want to tell you all the cowards out there, don’t be such a chicken coop. “Get out there and take your picture,” the 75-year-old man said in a video on Instagram.

– The Washington Post:

California clinics. More vaccines will be enriched than those at risk

Edward Murrow receives the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine from the Orange County Community Center for Families Together on Friday, February 20, 2021 in Tustin, California.  (AP Photo / Marcio Jose Sanchez)
Edward Muro receives Pfizer vaccine COVID-19 at Orange County Community Health Center Families Together, 2021 Born on February 26, in Tustin, California. (AP Photo / Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Theresa Parada is exactly the kind of person California justice officials say they want to vaccinate. He is a retired factory worker who speaks little English and lives in a remote part of the Los Angeles area.

But the 70-year-old Parade waited for weeks before others his age gathered at Dodger Stadium or shot the coronavirus through large hospital chains. The place where he usually receives medical care, AltaMed, is just now getting enough supplies to vaccinate later this month.

Parada said television programs show people queuing up to get pictures, but “I see only vaccines go to England.”

“It is rare for me to see a Latino vaccine there. When will it be our turn? ” he said.

Officials at Community Health Centers, which is the backbone of the U.S. Health Network, which focuses on health justice, say they are not getting enough rations for their patients, the high-risk residents to whom the state should be vaccinated.

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– The Associated Press

Get informed within the last 24 hours

Washington teachers and child care workers can now get vaccines. Gov. Ay ե Insli jumped them higher under new federal guidelines that could speed up the return of students to the classroom.

The United States will have enough vaccines for “every adult American.” In late May, President Joe Biden said yesterday after two rival pharmacists joined forces to produce the shots. Here’s what we know about the coming weeks և How to find your vaccine. Although a significant number of people are giving up staff.

People were dying, the crew was risking their lives, There was nothing else to do. In Washington’s nursing homes, after years of devastation, fears subside, but grief is raw. “It does not seem to be closed,” says a woman who is still unable to bury for her mother.

“Texas is 100% open. EVERYTHING “, The governor made a post on Twitter yesterday when he ended his mandate for the mask և Other restrictions. But in Mississippi, which has taken such steps, deceived health officials have a completely different message.

There is a new outbreak in the country, to outline an epidemic of who best killed the COVID-19 monster. But keep it. Washington may be a bigger sitting duck for a bigger outbreak than almost any other state, writes columnist Danny Westney.

Seattle bowling alleys once again rolled balls with new rules. Take a look inside, figure out what activities you can and can’t do all over the state these days.

We will not have to wear masks on planes forever. But maybe you should, say health professionals.

Coronavirus version with any other name … please. The lines of letters, points, numbers get simpler names, everyone has ideas. Some of them are weirder than others.

– Chris Higginson

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