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Live. Coronavirus Daily News Updates, March 22. What do you know about COVID-19 in Seattle, Washington and around the world today?

As COVID-19 vaccine efforts continue to gain momentum, 39 counties in Washington today will move to the third phase of Gov. Insley Reopening. This means that the state will allow restaurants, retailers, fitness centers and other indoor areas to open up to 50% capacity. The move is felt with cautious optimism.

“People are just tired of closing,” said Sean Brewer, 34, of Pike Place Market’s Moon Valley Organics kiosk sales crowd, which gathered on Saturday. “People see that light at the end of the tunnel, they run towards it.”

We are updating this page with the latest news on the COVID-19 epidemic և its impact on Seattle, the US և the world.

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Rules are changing today for restaurants, retailers, fitness centers և Other enclosed spaces as Washington enters its third phase of reopening. (Here’s what you can and can’t do right now.) This is a key moment for the state economy, but there is concern for business owners and residents. Many restaurants are not reopening yet, as their owners say more changes are needed first.

AstraZeneca vaccine provides strong protection in US trials announced the company today. AstraZeneca said that its experts did not find any safety issues, despite the rare blood clots in Europe. Here are the next steps:

“Spring break like no one else” was a terrible mistake On Miami Beach, which declared a state of emergency, it extended its curfew to 8 p.m. to clear crowds and chaos from its streets. City officials have blamed increased travel demand as people flocked to Florida, where coronavirus restrictions are weaker than in many other states.

Fully vaccinated ժամանակ during the party … if you are 70 years old. The world suddenly turned upside down. These days, many older Americans attend parties dating back more than a millennium. “This is my fair debt,” says one. “The elders gave the most.”

– Chris Higginson



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