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Live. Coronavirus Daily News Updates, March 17 What do you know about COVID-19 in Seattle, Washington and around the world today?

As more and more people are getting shots of the COVID-19 vaccine, some of those who have been suffering from the virus for months report seeing symptoms disappear after vaccination, leaving specialists with another puzzling clinical development of the disease.

At the same time, pharmaceutical companies are continuing to research new vaccines. Moderna has launched a study that will test its COVID vaccine in infants in the United States ադ Canada երեխաների. In China, the authorities have approved the fifth COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use, developed by the head of his Center for Disease Control.

We are updating this page with the latest news on the COVID-19 epidemic և its impact on Seattle, the US և the world. Click here to see the live updates of the previous days բոլոր all our coronavirus coverage, here to see how we are catching up և with the daily spread in Washington և around the world.

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Starting today, more frontline employees can get vaccines in Washington. These include (among others) food workers, bus drivers, pregnant women, people with disabilities, and agricultural workers who are at the center of high vaccination pressures. Here is our guide to getting the vaccine.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, և gold pots are coming as federal incentive payments begin to hit bank accounts today. Learn how to get your payment back.

New hot spots are emerging in the United States weeks after deaths and hospitalizations. Within a week, which is a major turning point for relapse, disease experts warn that the dangerous option of rushing back to normal life can prolong the epidemic.

Former President Donald Trump assured his supporters last night, when the COVID-19 vaccine was safe, he said he would advise “many people who do not want to do it”.

Some “long hauliers” of COVID-19 get a wonderful surprise. After vaccination, their symptoms subside. Scientists are puzzled.

– Chris Higginson

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