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Live. Coronavirus Daily News Updates, February 23. What to Know About COVID-19 in Seattle, Washington, DC և Worldwide

As the United States surpassed 500,000 deaths from the coronavirus on Monday, President Biden sought to strike a balance between mourning and “hope.” The number of Americans killed in World War II in Korea and Vietnam, but it all coincides.

At the same time, some suppliers in Washington state plan to get a double vaccine this week – “double delivery” of ice or snow to delay deliveries across the country last week.

We are updating this page with the latest news on the COVID-19 epidemic ազդեց its impact in Seattle, USA և worldwide. Click here to see the live updates of the previous days բոլոր all of our coronavirus coverage և here to see how we are catching up ամեն with the daily spread in Washington և around the world.

The World Bank may stop funding vaccines in Lebanon

The World Bank on Tuesday threatened to cut off funding for coronavirus vaccines in Lebanon over what it said were violations by lawmakers who were vaccinated without first registering.

A man waits to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine during a nationwide vaccination campaign in 2021 at St. George's Cove Hospital, Beirut, Lebanon.  On February 16.  Lebanon, Tuesday, February 16th.  The number of vaccines - 28,500 doses from Brussels - more, according to forecasts, will arrive in the coming weeks.  (AP Photo / Hussein Malla)
A man waits to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine during his nationwide vaccination campaign at St George’s Cove Hospital, Beirut, Lebanon, on Tuesday, February 16, 2021. Tuesday, 2021 The number of vaccines – 28,500 doses from Brussels – more, according to forecasts, will arrive in the coming weeks. (AP Photo / Hussein Malla)

Such a move by the World Bank would have serious consequences, as Lebanon struggles with severe financial and economic crises and needs help. The World Bank said last month it had approved $ 34 million to help pay for vaccines in Lebanon to vaccinate more than 2 million people.

The vaccination campaign started on February 14. և Lebanon has so far received almost 60,000 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Sharaf Abu Sharaf, president of the Lebanese Order of Physicians, said the violations included vaccinations of people who were not registered or were not included in the first phase of the campaign.

Lebanon is known for its corruption and nepotism, which has brought the Mediterranean people to the brink of bankruptcy.

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– The Associated Press

Farewell to bras, “tough pants” և practical coincidence. How did COVID-19 change clothing and clothing sentiment?

(Gabriel Campanario / The Seattle Times)
(Gabriel Campanario / The Breaking National)

We want to be comfortable but also look good in Zoom. We did not know how uncomfortable jeans were until we stopped wearing them. If you have such clothes in the office, you may wear your work badge at home. Some of us are imperceptibly luxurious. Black masks go with everything. And we really, really hate bras.

Since the dictates of climate և office culture, our clothing has changed significantly over the years as we overcome the coronavirus epidemic. Between masked mandates, the rise of distant work, the orders to go out and stay at home, we now dress more uniquely than ever. Our social worlds are as offended as our elections. After all, when your work’s’s away overnight, so do the rules of outdoor fashion. We didn’t have much to start in Seattle.

The result? To work from home in an epidemic, each of us was given the privilege of wearing what we wanted. From daytime sportswear to evening wear at the grocery store, our clothes (և the categories in which we put them) have become softer and more ingenious. Mortality is often a body-building enterprise, or a deliberate choice that gives a momentary brightness to a world that looks more and more like a piece of utility stability every day.

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– Megan Burbank

Drug officers at Capitol Hill have questions about vaccine supplies

Leaders of major COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers are set to answer questions from Congress on Tuesday about expanding staffing needed to prevent an epidemic that has killed more than 500,000 Americans.

The hearing comes as US vaccines continue to accelerate from a slow start to the latest disruptions due to winter weather. But state health officials say the demand for vaccines still exceeds the limited weekly deliveries provided by the federal government.

The panel of the Energy Trade Committee will hear from five companies that have contracts to supply COVID-19 shots to the United States. Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca և Novavax:

“We want to know what these companies are doing to boost production. What else can be done to make these vaccines more available to those who need them?” The Colorado Democrat heads a commission of inquiry overseeing U.S. health care.

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– The Associated Press

The non-profit Alaska group donated vaccine doses to June Uno

A commercial non-commercial organization plans to stockpile some of the COVID-19 vaccine it receives from the Indian Federal Health Service in the ուն district of au uno.

The June Uno City Emergency Management Officer, Robert Barn, said the donation of vaccines from the South Alaska Regional Health Consortium will be used during the next mass vaccination clinic in the district on March 12 և 13, KTOO reported.

The consortium և city is working together to help vaccinate more of the eligible population in June Uno County, Barr said.

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– The Associated Press

Get informed within the last 24 hours

  • Some Washington State vaccine suppliers will receive double delivery Delayed doses in the US after last week’s stormy weather are what to expect և how to find a vaccine.
  • Seattle is blocking the reopening of school buildings. The district, which was still closed to negotiations with its teachers’ union, now says the youngest students will not return until at least March 8. Even that date is not a guarantee.
  • The glitter of hope has arrived On the same day, the United States coldly reported half a million COVID-19 deaths, with cases falling, and strong evidence in Britain that the vaccines were “impressive”. But US leaders are worried that the Americans will lower their guard. “Now is not the time to say, ‘We are doing really well.
  • In a city devastated by viruses in the United States where the competition for vaccines is fierce, almost 400 million doses are delivered and shipped elsewhere.
  • Odor loss after COVID-19 is nothing to sniff, Dysfunction occurs in some people long after the onset of other symptoms. Food is tasteless, and depression is a risk. “Their lives will be much poorer.”
  • People who wear glasses may be less likely according to a new study to get the virus.

– Chris Higginson


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