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Lighter Garcia proved his worth around the crowded Breyers

Milwaukee’s Avisail Garcia admits he was a little surprised at first to learn that brewers were adding Jack Eckie Bradley Jr. to an outgoing census.

Discussion with manager Craig Consell helped Garcia understand the logic of the transfer and how it could help him.

“We are good,” Garcia said Thursday at the Brewers’ spring training camp in Phoenix. “I understand.”

Bradley’s addition, announced on Monday, gave the Brewers four former All-Stars for three out-of-bounds positions. Central player Lorenzo Kane is back in 2020. After ending most of the season, despite slowing down a quadriceps muscle injury, և 2018 NL MVP Christian Yelich found himself on the left field.

Consels did not specify how he would divide his playing time. He realized that Garcia’s initial surprise at signing Bradley said: The 29-year-old handled it well.

“He was a real professional,” Cousel said of Garcia. “It simply came to our notice then. He was worried, rightly so. I think that is fair. But what we’re seeing is the bats where they have to go. I think it will keep everyone really productive. I do not think this has a fourth defender. I see it as a four-sided player. “

Garcia, who played in the All-Star Game against the Chicago White Sox in 2017, has indicated that he intends to step back from the 2020 season.

At the beginning of the barn he said he weighed 235 pounds և almost 36 pounds thrown from where he had been at some point. Garcia, who is 4 feet tall, says he played around 7 257 last season and believes his weight loss has improved his speed and energy levels.

“I think Avi is optimistic about the season just by camping,” said Kowsell. “He obviously worked very, very hard, he invested a lot to prepare for this winter. It was in the weight room և in the cages. He did a great job. He still gets a lot of feedback from that work. ”

Indeed, Garcia has so far gone from 17th to 8th with two homers in the Carcass League.

Garcia said. “I do not refuse any bombing.” “I try to count, to try to see good pitches, to hit, to do everything every day, no matter what statistics I have. In the spring or whatever, I will play here, I am ready. “

In his first season last year, Garcia scored 2.0 yards և 15 RBIs in 53 games in his first season for the Beer Breakers. 2019 He played center last season after Cain refused.

The brewers who hit coach Andy Haynes visited Garcia Miami during the off-season when they tried to figure out how to improve that 2020 figure.

“I’m focused on using my thighs, trying to balance, to be early (near the plate),” said Garcia. “When I’m early, I have a really good chance of hitting the ball hard. That is what we are working on. Be quick, be on time and be free. “Do not try to do too much.”

Garcia is not speculating on how many games could end this season. But he appreciates how the Brewers are adding more talent.

“I hope that if everyone stays healthy, everyone can play a lot of games,” said Garcia. “A lot can happen during the season. I do not know The only thing I want is for everyone to stay healthy. That’s the best. “If everyone stays healthy, I think we will have a special team.”

This is the message that Consuls sends to each of its affiliates.

“I told them all that the problem we want is that you all play so well that we have problems trying to figure out who is going to play,” said Conselsel. “I can guarantee, if that is the case, there will be many victories on the board, we will sit in a pretty good place, we will understand that we have a real big goal ahead of us.”


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