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Let’s accept that. Washington is adapting to the new leadership of the mask

WASHINGTON (AP) – Jill Biden says that finally being disguised, it feels like “we’re moving forward.” The Republican senator says that the mask “certainly helps the flow of the conversation.”

But on Friday, the House of Representatives’ speech came close to sniping as lawmakers opposed the demand to continue the masquerade until all 435 received their COVID-19 shots.

Throughout Washington, the government is adapting to a new federal guideline that makes it easier to wear masks.

Green Murphy, RN.C, urologist, said after complaining. “To pursue so much science,” he said after complaining that despite being fully vaccinated, he would have to put on the mask again after the Chamber’s speech.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday that people who have been fully vaccinated, who have taken their last dose of COVID-19 vaccine two weeks later, can stop wearing masks outdoors in most people. The guideline states that people who are partially vaccinated or unvaccinated should continue to wear masks.

But on Capitol Hill, lawmakers are forced to continue wearing masks on the floor of the House of Representatives, according to a memo from Brian Monahan, a doctor in the current doctor’s office.

“The current mask requirement and other guidelines remain unchanged until all members of the’s tax staff are fully vaccinated,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a memo to her Democratic counterpart. “Returning the Capitol to the welcome, safe place it once was requires us not only to secure it physically, but also to secure it from the virus.”

Recent studies show that one in four legislators in the House of Representatives is not fully vaccinated.

Lawmakers can remove their masks to address the floor of the House of Representatives, but they must wear masks when they are done. However, they are free to resume “pre-epidemic activities” elsewhere in office buildings and public spaces.

In the Senate, Republican Susan Collins of Maine, Johnny Ernst of Iowa, was one of those senators who did not hesitate to remove their masks as soon as they heard the news. They were seen in the Senate on Thursday, surprised that they were free of masks and called “Freedom”.

The Senate leadership did not comment on the updated mask guide, which came down as Biden and a group of Republican senators discussed infrastructure in the Oval Office.

“So we all looked at each other … we took off all our masks,” Senator Shelley Moore Capito, RW.Va., told Fox News on Friday. “It felt very free. After that we had a big discussion. We all felt good about it, it certainly helps the conversation flow. ”

It was a very different scene at the White House on Friday.

Journalists approached President Biden when he appeared unannounced on the White House highway, taking pictures with a departing employee. Asked if he was enjoying his first day without a mask, Biden said “yes” when he entered the West.

For the first time in nearly a year, journalists were left barefoot when White House spokesman En Psaki was questioned at a daily briefing.

After launching the CDC guideline, Psaki said, the employee was immediately notified by email that they could stop wearing masks, including during meetings with Biden. A similar instruction was given to the White House Correspondents Association, which dropped its demand for a mask for journalists in the building.

Psaki said it could take several days for the new guidelines to be implemented by the government to find out if this means that extra staff, many of whom work part-time, are allowed to enter White House University.

“We want to return to a version of the norm, but we need some time to review the additional steps to implement it,” Psaki said.

Some government departments did not need any time to find out.

The Pentagon announced on Friday that the Department of Defense’s fully-vaccinated personnel no longer needed to wear masks indoors or outdoors at DOD facilities.

The updated Department of Health and Human Services guidelines state that “fully vaccinated federal workers, fully vaccinated contractors, fully vaccinated visitors to federal buildings are no longer required to wear masks.”

The masking remained in effect at the Smithsonian’s African American Museum of African American History and Culture when it reopened on Friday. Jill Biden stopped to greet the staff and said that the calm leadership of the mask gave the impression that “we are moving forward inch by inch” against the epidemic.

Smithson noted that it will meet the requirements of the mask for anyone over the age of 2 until it reviews the new guidelines.

Most members of the House of Representatives did not wear masks during the vote on the presidency of the Republican House of Representatives, and several journalists removed them after the Capitol doctor instructed that vaccinated people not have to put them in the corridors.

Some Republicans addressed the issue from the floor of the House of Representatives.

Texas State Representative Louis Gohmert criticized Democrats for saying Republicans are not backing science. He said it was the Democrats’ fault.

“The House of Representatives has a leadership that insists we have to go back to science, they refuse to do that,” Gohmert said, referring to Pelosi. “But we hope to eventually get people here, at least the majority, to pursue science.”


Associated Press writers Jon Onatan Lemir, Lisa Mascaro, Mary Clare Alon Alonick, Kevin Freikig, and Brian Slodisco contributed to this report.


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