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Lesson learned. Padres treacherous Tatis can crush the ball fast

SCOTSDEL, Ariz. (AP) – Diamondbacks left-back Caleb Smith was referring to his first spring training session on Tuesday when he spoke about a valuable lesson he learned while meeting Padres of San Diego.

“Do not throw a ball at Tatis quickly,” he said with a laugh.

Fernando Tatis hit a big helmet deep in the left center wall for his first homers. The 22-year-old hit the ball so hard that the Arizona homeowners could barely move, and the ball landed in the fans sitting on the blankets of the Salt River Fields.

Grandma is one of the best young baseball stars և was fourth in the NL MVP voting season in the 2020 season with the epidemic, when she hit 17’s home with 11 steals.

The Padres added to their overseas roster by adding pitchers such as Yu Darvish and Blake Snell to try to sink the Dodgers, which has eight straight NL West titles. The squad is expected to revolve around Tatis, who has an average of 0.301 և 39 home in his first 143 major league games.

Here are some of the players who impressed during the first week of the show.


RHP Merrill Kelly, Diamondbacks. Kelly interrupted two runs twice during her first tour, but things looked good, five of her six exits were strikes. It was an encouraging sign for the 32-year-old, who seemed to be one of the best jars in the National League in early 2020, before a blood clot was found on his shoulder – the end of his season. Kelly underwent breast augmentation surgery to remove the blood clot. The procedure involves the removal of a rib.

1B / 3B Bobby Dalbec, Red Sox. The 25-year-old corner striker has three homers in his first nine spring bats, which has further increased expectations for his 2021 season. The 6-foot-4, 227-pound sterling made its impressive debut for the disappointing Red Sox in 2020, playing at eight’s 263.

Gary Sanchez, Yankees. The 28-year-old football player is trying to jump back to 2020. From a poor season, when he hit just 0.147 with a base percentage of 0.253. He hit two homers in his first five fights, hoping the double All-Star will return to its 2019 look when he hits a career-high 34 homers.

3B Ke’Bryan Hayes, Pirates. Pittsburgh prospects were excellent in their first major league game last season, beating 0.376 with five home runs on March 85. Now the pirates hope he can be one of the cornerstones of this season. This week, he got off to a good start in spring training with three of his seven shots, including two doubles in his first seven fights.

RHP Trevor Bauer, dodgers. The winner of the ruling NL Cy Young Award for Incin Reds has joined Dodgers in the off-season, making the reigning World Series champions even more terrifying as the year 2021 unfolds. just one stroke.

SS Wandering Franco, Ray Ceilings. The No. 1 prospect of the deal is still only 20 years old, but his first spring training session kicked off on Wednesday. It remains to be seen when he will actually play in his big league, but there is no doubt that the “rays” can have a special player.


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