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Leonard leads Clippers by 76 points in Rivers’ first return match

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LOS ANGELES (AP) – Cowie Leonard scored 28 points, Terence Mann added 23 points for the season, and the Los Angeles Clippers beat Philadelphia 76 122-112 on Saturday night in their first game against former coach Doc Rivers.

The Clippers won for the fifth time in a row, playing the same type of basketball they played during their seven seasons under the rivers, scoring 24 points per game in transitional games from Leonard և Paul George.

“It simply came to our notice then. We understood and continued to play. We had the right mindset, “said Los Angeles coach Tyrone Lew. “It simply came to our notice then. We attacked the paint and made an additional transfer. “

Leonard missed Thursday night’s game in San Antonio due to a pain in his right leg, but it did not have any bad effects. The star striker had 19 points in the first half, including 12 in the second quarter.

Rivers, who was honored by the Clippers for 90 seconds in the first half of the first quarter, said he was not surprised how his former team took control in the second half.

“They kept attacking and moving the ball,” said Rivers, who joined Philadelphia a week after being fired by the Clippers. “You can see that they all trust each other with the ball. Cavin և Paul played well. “If they continue to do that, it will be difficult to stop them.”

Tobias Harris scored 29 points for the Sixers, who cut a series of six-game road victories. Danny Green added 17 and Shake Milton added 16.

In the middle of the game, Los Angeles topped the tournament table with a five-point lead, but took command with seven straight points to open the third quarter. The Clippers grew 97-84 at the end of the period, leading the quarter with 19.

Philadelphia got off to a hot start, gaining a 21-11 lead, with less than five minutes left in the first quarter before leaving for Los Angeles. The Clippers ran 18-9 at the end of the round, one behind.

There were seven draws in the second quarter, five changes in the lead, before Los Angeles closed the period 8-3 to take a 65-60 lead at halftime.


Mann scored his first eight shots from the field, he was 12 out of 10 for the game. He scored 11 points in the second quarter, which boosted his career. He has averaged 15.4 points in the last five games.

The third year swingmaker uses the added minutes to show how much he has improved his game. He sees extra playing time with the injured Patrick Burley, Lou Williams trades in Atlanta and Rajon Rondo is still accelerating after being acquired on Thursday.

“Everyone was on the same page, asking me to be more aggressive,” Mann said. “Over time, you start to see different things, things slow down, you develop.”

Lew said Mann’s confidence was “through the roof”, but he did not want to comment on whether his minutes would weaken when Berlley recovered and Rondo developed rapidly.

“Now I like the place where we are, we are in good rhythm. “We will have to see if we can continue to play with the rotations when they return.”


Dwight Howard was sent off for the second game in a row when he made two technical errors and was 10:35 in the fourth quarter. In the first quarter of the game against the Lakers on Thursday, the 76ers center was invited to two separate techniques.

Howard finished with nine points and 11 shots. The only good thing that happened to him at the Staples Center in three days was that he picked up his championship ring after playing for the Lakers last season.

Official Tony Brothers said in a pool report that Howard received the second technical measure from Ason Eason Goldenberg because Howard said something derogatory about the Brothers, who called the first technical.

The brothers said the first technical remedy came when Howard kept shouting and pointing at the owner after he was called in for insult.

During the game, the Sixers were rated four technical, which worried Rivers more than Howard’s expulsion.

“A lot of guys were disappointed,” Rivers said.


76 points each. Ben Simmons scored 15 points before making a mistake in the fourth quarter. : Green has doubled in six consecutive games against San Antonio since December 2014.

Clippers. Marcus Morris, who finished with 13 points, was charged with a foul in the third quarter after throwing Howard as both players struggled in the paint. … Leonard received his 1000th theft in the first quarter. He is one of 21 active players who have reached that point.


76ers. Play in Denver on Tuesday. On January 9, the Nuggets won the first game 115-103.

Clippers. Host Milwaukee on Monday. The Bucks have won four of them, including a 105-100 victory on February 28.


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