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Legislators. Request nursing homes to find out about vaccine data

Washington (AP) – U.S. hospitals have been forced to publicly announce the level of flu-pneumonia vaccines, but there is no mandate for such COVID-19 shootings, although the greatest damage from the virus has been to long-term caregivers.

Lawmakers from both parties are now calling on the Biden administration to demand that the level of coronavirus vaccination for residents, staff, family members, advocacy groups and researchers be facilitated.

“The persistent lack of publicly available information on vaccines at the institution level obscures residents, workers, and their families, makes it impossible to fully assess the impact of these vaccines, and hinders efforts to ensure equitable access to vaccines for communities.” color sensors, “wrote Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., այք Mike Crapon, R-Idaho, in a letter to Xavier Becker, Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The lawsuit comes at a time when consumer advocates say it is extremely difficult for family members to obtain coronavirus information from Medicare in individual nursing homes, either through the COVID-19 Nursing Home Data website or through its regular care comparison site.

“It remains so problematic,” said Sam Brooks, Consumer Voice Program Manager, a national advocacy group for quality improvement in long-term care. “It’s just disappointing.”

Brooks said he recently used the Medicare nursing home COVID-19 website, posted the name of the facility, and found a well-known chain restaurant. A joint search with a journalist on Wednesday turned up an animal hospital after entering the name of the nursing home community.

Since last May, nursing homes have been required to report regularly to the government on incidents involving residents, staff, and deaths. Although gross numbers are easy to find online, individual data is not.

The coronavirus epidemic affected the residents of the nursing home the most. Although only 1% of the US population lives in long-term care facilities, they accounted for one-third of COVID-19 deaths as of early March, according to the COVID Conservation Program.

Deaths have now plummeted as more than 2 million people և 1.5 million workers have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Bedrooms again allow loved ones to visit, և hugs are included.

But there is evidence that Americans have been warned. A survey conducted by the Associated Press-NORK Public Research Center last year found that 60% percent would be very concerned if an aging friend or family member needed long-term nursing home care during an epidemic; another 27% would be moderately concerned.

Widen chairs the Senate Finance Committee, which oversees Medicare are Medicaid, and Crapo is a Republican rating. Joining Biden’s request are their counterparts on the Special Aging Committee: Sensors Bob Casey, D-Pa., And Tim Scott, RS.C. Medicare և Medicaid pays most of the country account for nursing home care և sets standards.

The Nurs Hospice Industry Business Group, the American Health Association, says it supports the release of vaccine data. LeadingAge, an association of non-profit organizations, is doing the same. But working out the details can be difficult. It is one thing to pass on the data to the government, or to technology-conscious researchers, it is another to translate it so that it is easily accessible to families.

“We believe that accessible, timely, reliable information about surgeries and care practices is needed to establish a reliable and effective connection between nursing homes, care providers, residents and families,” said Lisa Sanders, LeadingAge spokeswoman.

There was no immediate response from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Weiden and Krapon say the government’s current policy of encouraging nursing homes to report vaccination data to the government has only led to “limited industry involvement.”

The government should require nursing homes to divide vaccination data by race and ethnicity, taking into account inconsistencies in vaccine use.

Reports that many nursing home workers have been reluctantly vaccinated are raising additional concerns, lawmakers added. Researchers believe that one of the main ways the virus enters the facility is through employees who inadvertently bring it from the community. Due to the high turnover of personnel in the low-wage industry, it is possible that the level of vaccination of employees in private institutions may fall behind time.

“Such concerns underscore the urgency of moving forward with the collection of COVID-19 vaccine information and disseminating it as soon as possible,” wrote Weiden and Krapon.



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