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LeBron James exits game after re-injuring ankle

Just when you thought LeBron James put his ankle injury behind him, the Los Angeles Lakers star re-aggravated it in their final contest against the New Orleans Pelicans.

LeBron made a strong spin move on the break, but had an awkward landing that forced the James out of the game. Watch at your own peril, Lakers fans:

The injury could not come at a worse time. The Los Angeles Lakers have their date set with the Golden State Warriors in the 7th vs. 8th seed play-in game. LeBron James’ health for that matchup will be a dark cloud looming over the Lakers franchise for the next two days. James had just missed 26 games after hurting the very same ankle.

It’s unfortunate because the Lakers seemed to have the game in hand at that point in the fourth quarter. James and Co. were just putting the finishing touches on the victory. Even worse is the fact that their end result didn’t even matter, because the Portland Trail Blazers beat the Denver Nuggets anyways.

That outcome locked them into the 7th seed no matter what, rendering their win and last-ditch bid for the sixth seed moot.

Stay tuned for updates on LeBron James’ injury status.

LeBron James Lakers ankle injury

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