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LEADER. Newcomer Seasons, Widens Meet, deGrom vs Bosox

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Welcome newcomers!

In a promising rookie game, Padres’ left-back Ryan Weathers kicks off Arizona right-back Taylor Wieder in Phoenix.

The 21-year-old Waters has 0.59 ERA in five games, two of which start this season. He made his league debut last year for San Diego in the NL Division Series, once competing with the Dodgers.

The 26-year-old Wiedener is 1-0 this season with four starts at 2.82 ERA. He made his Diamondbacks debut in 12 games last year.


Brandon Nimmo, with a base rate of 470%, hopes to return to the Mets in a day, not starting due to a right thigh blow. Nimmon injected into the thigh during the weekend on Monday, hit the pin on Tuesday evening.

Jacob de Grom (2-1, 0.31) is set to face Boston in the final of a two-game match in Queens. DeGrom reached the top 15 of his career without being blocked by two blows from Washington in his previous start.


Steven Matz gave the Blue Ace a huge boost, winning all four of his starts with a 2.31 ERA. The left-hander acquired from the “Greats” in the off-season scored 25 points in the 23 1/3 ending.

Mats faces a familiar enemy as Toronto hosts the Nationals at their temporary home in Dunedin, Florida. He has seen a lot of Ryan Zim Imerman, Trea Turner and Washington in the NL East, going against them only 1-7. Last year “Matz” 0 in three games. 0 was 0.


Mike Touchman, who was sent off by Yankee, could get more playing time after he was sold from New York to San Francisco for left-handed wanderer Wandy Peralta.

This season, the 30-year-old Tauchman was 3 in 11 games in 3 games. In the past, he was effective on the plate, the field, the main paths for Yankee, but he did not have a regular place.

The 29-year-old Peralta is 2-1 in 10 games this year with two saves և 5.40 ERA. Last season he held 1-1 with a 3.29 ERA with 25 assists, the left-handers were just 7 for 41.


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