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Lawyers are fighting for “race normalization” in NFL dementia tests

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – A court-appointed attorney general for thousands of retired players suing the NFL on Monday vowed to try to remove the race as a dementia-testing factor, but AC Players’ lawyers have demanded that he publish $ per-race payments. For $ 1. billion shock solution.

They claim that black men are being denied prizes that average more than $ 500,000 because of testing methods that suggest that blacks have a lower cognitive function than whites.

This makes it even more difficult to show that they suffered neurological damage from the NFL concussion.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

“The devil is always in the details,” said attorney C. Smith, whose civil rights challenge to the practice of normalizing the race was ruled out this month by NFL case judge, U.S. Senior Judge Anita B. Brody. He appealed his decision to the federal district court.

“After the fact, it is very difficult to make sure that the players of the CC are carefully represented if you do not have a place at the table,” said Smith.

Christopher Sieger, who was appointed by Brody to serve as a player class adviser, returned to Smith with two clasps in a scathing memo on Monday. He argued that he could solve the problem of racial normalization, which Smith and others say developed on his watch without their help.

In the lawsuit, Seeger agreed to seek “purely racially neutral demographic norms” and “investigate whether any member of the class was harmed by racial norms.”

“The process is not clear, it takes time. “Demographic norms adapted to race, when clinically relevant, have been used for decades and are generally accepted by neuropsychologists,” he wrote.

He stopped promising wholesale reviews of the tests he had earned so far. Of the 2,000 retirees claiming dementia, 570 or 28% have received awards so far. And thousands have been tested but never sued because their points do not qualify them for payments.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarty did not immediately return a message asking if the NFL would agree to cancel race normalization during testing, review previous requirements and test scores.

Smith և Others believe that a lawsuit administrator can sort data and payments by race fairly quickly.

The case of Seger’s dozens of other attorneys over the settlement has long been a matter of general jurisdiction, with the judge awarding him more than $ 51 million out of $ 112 million in court fees.

He joined the case in 2011 after filing his first concussion lawsuit against the NFL. Two years later, he helped make a surprise calculation of $ 765 million that prevented the NFL from revealing in court what it knew about concussions and head injuries. The cap was later removed, and payments, now approaching $ 800 million, are expected to reach more than $ 1 billion.


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