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Lawson says videos about Saleh shot him for coming to New York

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NEW YORK (AP) – Carl Lawson knew little about what he had seen and heard about new Jets manager Robert Saleh during the league. Search Playmaking edge rusher on YouTube to learn more.

And he loved what he saw.

“I looked at some of the interviews, I just came across how impressive he was, the message he was preaching,” Lawson said in a video call on Thursday. “And even in a video, I felt like he was talking to me.”

Saleh, New York’s hiring with his “All the Gases Without Brake” mantra, was one of several factors that led to Lawson’s decision to enter into a $ 45 million three-year deal this week, including a $ 30 million guarantee.

The 25-year-old defender, who spent his first four seasons at Incinati, said the huge contract was certainly a factor in his arrival. But that was the fact that his mother was from New York and his father was from New York.

In addition, Saleh և coordinator FFF Ulbrich’s defense was waiting for him to wait for his role as a passing force, something the franchise had lacked for years.

“I was like, ‘Wow,'” Lawson said. “I was thinking of a scheme that perfectly matched my skill set.”

The signings of Lawson, former Titans receiver Corey Dice, former Lions midfielder Jarad Dice and Saints Special teams Asti Hardy were all made official by the team on Thursday.

The Jets entered the free agency circle with a salary cap of about $ 69 million, and CEO Douglas was still busy for the next few days. New York, among other things, still needs a wide receiver, offensive line and corner defense.

The Lawson addition is a major problem for aircraft that have not had a stable transition presence since Abraham’s days 20 years ago. In four seasons, 25-year-old Lawson had 20 bags, including 5 1/2 of last year. He has been at the forefront of the league with pressure from defenders, kicks, and the general opinion is that he is a rising player who can team up with Quinn Williams to form a tough duo to defend against Saleh.

“I think it will work wonders for my career,” Lawson said. “I’m excited to play here, I’m glad to be on a plane. Yes, I come in with all the optimism in the world. ”

In the video, Hardy joined reporters, who, like Lawson, made a great first impression. The former special teams championship spent his first four seasons in New Orleans, where he quickly became a favorite of his teammates, the Saints’ fans.

And it is easy to understand why.

When asked what makes him feel so good in the special teams, 27-year-old Hardy stood up and showed his heart.

“That’s why I feel good, because I have a heart,” said Hardy. “I will not back down. I’m a maniac on the pitch. I’m just playing with a scraper, man. I play the way I try to feed my son. I play like I told my mom I was going to play hard. He is up in the sky watching me. I can not disappoint him.

“That’s why I believe that I study well in special teams, because I will not be rejected.”

Hardy, who played a wide receiver at Illinois College, signed Houston as an undisclosed free agent in 2017. He was one of the final layoffs for the Texans that summer, and a New Orleans internship squad was signed. Although he was mentioned as a corner defender, he played only one moment in defense last season. His value as a special team performer is consistently good, an area where the planes needed a lot of improvement.

“It’s very important to me to just be wanted,” said Hardy, who has signed a three-year, $ 6.75 million deal with a $ 1 million guarantee. “Being raw, you are rarely desirable. Being raw, you get the short edge of the wood. So to turn those tables in a positive light, you know, is a real blessing from God. ”


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