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Late insult to riders rewards small sales people whose enthusiasm could not be diminished by COVID-19 protocols

The opening day is always a cause for a little irrational joy, a symbolic reminder that the male գրեթե rebirth is almost upon us. Poets play on the pitch, zealots have fun inside baseball, even amateurs blow on the splendor.

But this year it hit home harder. And just when the sailors seemed to have captured all the poetry with seven absurd inserts, they came to life from the eighth step, showing that there were no empty stadiums last season.

This electric rally, which was one of the most awakening in the memory of the last people, aroused the heated mood of a socially distant (և more and more impatient) crowd. And it was a powerful demonstration of the new season, especially this new season.

The reopening of baseball, once isolated, is a tangible sign that normalcy is being pushed back. Not here yet, as Mariners manager Scott Service reminded us on Thursday, “but we are getting closer. And I think we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. ”

It could be seen outside the stadium, selling sausages and snacks, and people gathering outside the ball during the day waiting for the doors to open. You could see it when the gates were thrown open, և people who came to see the game in person – there is a word for that, but it escapes me – oh, yes, fans:, poured in.

Of course, only 8,174 of them, but it exceeds the cardboard cuts, which were useful, but will live as relics of the past. The cancellation of the opening of Mets-Nationals at the beginning of the day due to coronavirus այլ Other disturbing news on the COVID-19 front show convincingly that it is not over yet.

But they did play in Seattle with all the opening day, if not the excitement, on the pitch. As another COVID movement, most of the celebrations were videotaped, including a tribute to the front-line health workers who turned the field in the shape of a heart. It was not alive, but it was still moving.

So, of course, the tradition of the biggest opening day of the Marines was the Make-A-Wish child performing the “First Run on the Grounds” ceremony. In this case, it was actually 9-year-old Evan Manfredo who, almost five years after being diagnosed with leukemia, was left with three years of rigorous treatment. Hopefully next year we will see the race in person, but for now let’s call it a ritual at the end of the tunnel.

And then, of course, there was the game of baseball, and what a rage it was, as the sailors went down six indices, broke through the seventh run, and then exploded by the sixth in the eighth.

Pete Rose once said that the opening day was “like Christmas, only warmer.” In April, Charlie Hustle never played outdoors in Seattle, but the sailors warmed their joints, using the opportunity to start the year with a surge of positive energy. The opening day always has larger branches, which leads to conclusions that do not correspond to the status of 0.006 of the season. Which means they weren’t as bad as the Giants’ starting line-up Kevin Gaussman made them look. Nor will they work miracles every night. Closer to home, Rafael Montero showed the brutality of the game when he strengthened his lead in the ninth.

But at least that felt: something like normal for a baseball game like never before last year. The crowd, the first fans of the All-Seattle Ballard in 550 days, seemed to be more than just 8,000 plus, although the sailors did not allow them to fully erupt until the magic eighth.

The more common voices were the noises of anxiety and frustration, a reaction that has been quite common over the years. Overall, though, for three hours it sounded natural, more like the rhythm of baseball time, certainly more so than the ersatz noise in 2020.

Prior to the game, Servis was amazed by the annual excitement of the season, remembering listening to his transistor radio to catch Brayers’ opener while growing up in Wisconsin. His players, he said, were exploding to find out how all this would develop, how their work could be expressed.

“You know, spring training, all the other stuff, you build towards tonight, then we play tonight, we still have 161,” he said.

And that, more than anything, gave its power on Thursday. Of course, you can dream of young players ascending, clinging to the belief that the sailors’ turn is approaching, despite this result

But the real beauty of the baseball season is the marathon, the little noise, the knowledge that every night this series will reveal a new episode. It was missing in the slapdash 2020 season, which started four months late և and ended very early after just 60 games.

This time, it seems, is a long way from here. The hope is that the crowd will be allowed to grow slowly, and intimacy will grow safely.

It was a smile on the opening day. And then the sailors gave much more to their fans, throwing in some gloom. But even they missed.



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