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Last. Twitter unveiled a barbecue that blocked the NY Post article

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WASHINGTON (AP) – The latest news from the House of Representatives, which is questioning the CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter. All times are local.



Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise has raised the issue of long-standing conservative rhetoric that Twitter, Facebook, and Google are biased against conservative material based on political or religious views. Experts say there is no real evidence that this is true.

Scully blocked the New York Post article on Twitter about Hunter Biden, which CEO Jack E. Dorsey said was a mistake that the company corrected within 24 hours. Dorsey added that the content of the article is not the problem, but the imperfect application of the platform’s “broken materials” policy.

“We make mistakes, we aim to correct them as soon as possible, and then we did,” Dorsey said. Scalis asked if anyone in the “censorship” section of Twitter was responsible.

“Well, we do not have a censorship department,” Dorsey replied.

In a February report, the Stern Center for Business and Human Rights at New York University described the allegations as political misinformation spread by Republicans. Report entry recommends that social media sites provide clear justifications when they take action against the content of their programs.



Thursday’s hearing marks the second time in five months that Congress has called on the CEOs of Facebook, Google և and Twitter to testify about the Content Moderation, Misinformation, Extremism և Panel of Responsibility, known as Section 230, which advocates Technology companies are legally liable for users to post it on their platforms.

These hearings are mostly partisan, long, often focusing on optics rather than substantive politics. Experts, including Alex Stamos, Facebook’s former chief security officer, have suggested that if Congress wants more “useful hearings,” they should call on executives at companies that are directly involved in content measurement decisions.

This will include integrity, trust բար security product vice presidents, platform policy vice presidents on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (rather than Google, which owns YouTube), and perhaps a newcomer like TikTok.

“Instead, we have been trying for hours to score imaginary C-Span points, elevating the CEO position to three-tier decisions,” Stamos said on Twitter on Tuesday.


1:30 p.m.

Executives whose companies run influential social media platforms, of course, find it difficult to provide simple answers to legislators’ questions.

Committee Chairman Frank Pallone, DN.J., asked all three PACE platforms to answer “yes or no” whether their plans had any responsibility for spreading election-related misinformation, “to stop the stealth movement that led to the Capitol attack”.

Facebook CEO Mark Uck Uckerberg began to say: “Our responsibility is to build systems …”, but Pallone cut him off and asked again for a yes-or-no, which Zuckerberg did not have.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said. “We always have a sense of responsibility,” but he had no answer, yes or no.

On Twitter, Jack Dorsey may have scored points for his response. “Yes, but we also need to consider a broader ecosystem, it’s not just the technology platforms we use.”



Lawmakers are making a big fuss over the three Big Tech CEOs, who are allowing hate speech, misinformation to spread on their social media platforms, signaling Congress’ interest in promoting strong control over the strong tech industry, and possible legal changes.

Facebook CEO Mark Uck Uckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Ecken Dorsey և YouTube parent Google CEO Sundar Pichai are being questioned during a House Energy և Trade Committee hearing. They had previously promised strong steps to dispel misinformation, and Facebook և Twitter pushed former President Donald Trump out of their plans after a deadly uprising in the US Capitol on January 6.

Committee Chairman Frank Pallone, DN.J., said: “The time for self-regulation is over. It is time for us to legislate to hold you accountable. ”

Referring to the January 6 riot, Mike Doyle, a spokesman for D-Pa., Said the attack “started and fed on your platforms.”

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