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Last. The UN agency says the situation in Gaza is dire

EN NEV – The UN humanitarian agency in the Gaza Strip is describing an increasingly difficult situation as a war breaks out between Israel’s “Hamas rulers in the area”, the end of which is not in sight.

Jens Laerk, spokesman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, says nearly 47,000 Palestinians have fled their homes in Israeli airstrikes for more than a week. Hamas and other militants have fired more than 3,400 rockets at Israel.

Laerk says electricity is only available in the Gaza Strip for six to eight hours a day.

Referring to the Palestinian Authority, he said that 1,321 buildings consisting of 621 residential and commercial units had been destroyed in Gaza. He says another 316 housing units have suffered serious damage and become uninhabitable.

Israel and Egypt have imposed a distorted blockade on Gaza since Hamas seized power from rival Palestinian forces in 2007. “Israel says the closure is necessary to prevent the group from being rearmed, and human rights groups see this as a form of collective punishment.”

Laerk welcomed Israel’s decision to open the main trade route to Gaza, allowing essential supplies to flow since the start of the war on May 10.

COGAT, the Israeli military body that coordinates Gaza’s civil affairs, said the crossing was closed after the bomber struck just hours after it opened to allow medical equipment to enter.


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s foreign minister visited Turkey on Tuesday as part of his Islamic nation’s efforts to gather international support to put pressure on Israel to end attacks on Palestinians.

The latest development comes a day after a unanimous resolution passed by the lower house of the Pakistani parliament condemning Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people.

Ahead of the diplomatic mission, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi said on Twitter that Pakistan stood firmly by the Palestinians.

Qureshi will travel to New York to address the UN General Assembly later this week.

A day earlier, Pakistani opposition parties and the government had called for a nationwide rally on Friday to show solidarity with the Palestinians.

Pakistan is among the countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel.


MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin says it is “imperative” for Israel to end violence between the Palestinians.

Speaking at a ceremony with the new foreign ambassadors in the Kremlin on Tuesday, Putin said that “the outbreak of Palestinian-Israeli resistance has already resulted in a large number of casualties among the civilian population, including children.”

“We consider it necessary to stop the violence on both sides, to actively seek a solution based on the relevant UN Security Council resolution, the universally recognized principles of international law,” Putin said.


WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden has called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to support a ceasefire between Israeli and Hamas leaders in Gaza.

But the US leader stopped demanding an immediate end to Israeli airstrikes և Hamas rocket attacks that killed more than 200 people, most of them Palestinians.

Biden’s carefully crafted statement during the White House reading his second well-known call to Netanyahu on Monday, three days after the attacks began, came under pressure from the administration to respond more strongly, despite its determination to remove the focus of US foreign policy. : East conflicts.

Biden’s comments on the ceasefire were indefinite, similar to the statements of the previous administration, which in principle support the ceasefire.


GA A KA CITY CITY, Gaza Strip – Palestinians in Israeli-occupied territories went on strike on Tuesday as a result of a rare offensive against Israeli policy, as Israeli strikes hit Gaza and militants fired dozens of rockets from Hamas-controlled territory.

As the Gaza war showed no sign of a “demilitarization” ceasefire effort, a general strike “expected to escalate the conflict” could escalate the conflict again following the outbreak of community violence in Israel and last week’s protests in the occupied Jordan River.

Tuesday’s airstrikes toppled a six-story building housing Islamic University libraries and training centers, leaving behind reinforced concrete slabs. Fragments showed tables, office chairs, books, and computer wires. Residents sifted through the rubble in search of their belongings.


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