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Lakers star Davis is still preparing to end his long absence against Mavs

DALLAS (AP) – Anthony Dice is still on track to end the longest absence of the eight-time NBA All-Star as the Los Angeles Lakers open a four-game road trip to the top two in Dallas.

The Lakers star was on the pitch for pre-game training on Thursday night, with coach Frank Vogel saying he expected Davis to start playing his planned 15 minutes in the first half.

LA plays Mavericks again on Saturday night. Partner star LeBron James Ames has been recovering from an ankle injury for at least a few weeks.

Davis missed 30 games with problems with his right ankle and heel. His previous game was in Denver on February 14, when DG played just 14 minutes in a 122-105 loss that saw him lose five games in five games.

“He will have to put his feet under it, as expected,” Vogel said. “You can not model the actions of the NBA. This is what the evening will be about. That’s what the next few games will be about. This is definitely a possible first step. “

The Lakers are 14-16 after Davis’ last game, and the current NBA champions are 5th in the Western Conference. In the first round of the playoffs, Los Angeles started three games from fourth place with a home advantage.

The 28-year-old, who is in his ninth season, said he was worried about tearing his right Achilles tendon, which caused him to close, he had been out for so long. The Lakers wanted to make sure their star was completely healthy.

Davis averages 22.5 points and 8.4 rebounds per game. James Ames has been missing since March 20. The Lakers are 7-9, as both stars are out of order.


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