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Ladel Bates steps back in time, returning to the Hawks

Ladel Bates says Iowa City has changed a lot in its 20 years since graduating from college, including all new homes, hotels, cafes and restaurants.

As for the Iowa football program, he says it’s as if I’re going back in time when he arrived this spring as the new running coach.

The attack coordinator Brian Ferenc, in fact, assured Betsy that the attack system would return to him in no time.

“And that’s right,” said Bates. “Everything they do now is the same thing we did back then when I was here.”

Yes, the Hawkeyes still play their signature off-zone play on the same physical ground in which they played Betts from 1998-2001, and have surpassed Tyler Goodson in the last two years.

Betsy was one of Iowa’s most trusted and effective players when the program passed from Hayden Fry to Kirk Ferenc. He led the Hawkeyes for four straight seasons before playing nine years in the NFL.

No Iowa player has had more rush attempts (832) or played in a brawl (904 rush և reception). In the history of 3 programs, his 3686 career rush yards are in the second place.

Bates, 41, returned to Iowa for his first college job two years later as head coach at Fort Lauderdale Pine Crest School in Florida and eight years at high school.

“It’s good for me to come back,” he said. “It was kind of surreal, sometimes a bit nostalgic, every emotion in between. For me, this is a unique opportunity that I could not pass, an opportunity to go back to the university where I started, to do something I love, to coach football եմ obviously I train the position I know quite well, which is back running. “

Bates, who is a member of the Security Council, said that following last summer’s report on racial tensions within the program, he would not have done so if he had not trusted the leadership of Kirk Ferenc.

Former players said they were forced to feel uncomfortable dressing or wearing hair, former strength coach Brian Ferenc was accused of harassing CS players, and Kirk և Brian Ferenc was named in a civil lawsuit filed by 13 former players.

“It’s a little unfair for me to speculate about things that happened or happened before I was here,” Bates said. “I will say this. I was undoubtedly interested in what was said, what was said, և I will assure you. I would not stand in front of you if I did not believe in the direction of this program. “

Bates replaced Derrick Foster as an assistant at the Los Angeles Chargers, և controlling one of the Hawkeyes’ strongest positions, which fell into the fall. The team finishes spring training on Saturday.

Goodson returns to his junior season after finishing third in the Big Ten with 762 yards and sixth with 114.3 yards per game. The “hawks” have taken back the “Ivory Kelly-Martin” who underwent knee surgery in the off-season, he is not engaged this spring.

Red-shirt freshman Leshon Williams և G. Williams (no connection) և Nolan Donald’s freshman’s who received from the recipient this spring are also getting reruns.

Bates said he had a message for his running back when he met them.

“Your job as a player is to make my job very difficult,” he said. “What I mean by that, I want you to perform at a level so high in practice that you make it difficult for me not to play you.”

Bates said that three words summarize his coaching philosophy: layout, task, effort.

“That’s what I preach to the boys every day,” he said. “None of these three things require any athletic ability. If you know where you need to be, you know how to do your job, what to do, and finally, no less effort, effort, the rest I can train you. ”


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