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Kirk heads the players early as DeChambo approaches

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Florida. (AP) – Chris Kirk flew all 5 parts, got off the road with an eagle and set a goal on Friday at the Players’ Championship, aged 7 to 65.

Bryson DeChambeau, winning at Bay Bay, quickly got his bad stuff out of the way և was behind.

Kirk wrapped up another great day with the birds at TPC Sawgrass, placing it 7-135, one shot ahead of DeChambo, Brian Herman, Charlie Hoffman and Danny McCarthy, who had a hole in the 69th round.

Sergio Garcia played in the afternoon, opening with a 7-under 65 for a three-shot advantage.

Kirk was among those who had to return on Friday morning to finish the opening round. For 72 he made three pars. In the second round, he even went through five holes. And then everything changed, he does not know why.

“I felt like I was still walking on water. “I wish I had answered better, but the ball started coming in,” said Kirk. “I broke into one on the 15th, I had a nice double on the 16th, I hit my foot on the 17th, I felt that I did not go out to the competitions.”

After spotting on the 14th, he played the next six holes under 6, including his wedge from the 147 yards of the first hole for the eagle.

After opening at 69, Decambo stayed away until dark, as he often does. He felt better entering the stadium course, but only before releasing his first run of the day at No. 10.

It sailed about 30 yards right into the trees on the pine straw. He had a pure lie, a pure blow, just the wrong distance. It lasted a long time, he choked his first height from rough to rough, and wrapped himself in a double jacket.

He then settled, including a 4-meter-deep wedge on the green 17th part of the island, training five birds to cross the rest of the way for the rest of the weekend.

“I’m happy with the fact that I was still able to keep myself in that, to score a good goal,” said Dechambo. “It simply came to our notice then. I do not think it will happen this weekend. I have to make sure my game goes well, so I do not have such problems,: I mostly do not hope to rely on luck. I have to get it on the road. ”

The fortune he mentioned was to get a reasonable lie when he missed the path.

And then he left the domain.

“I am a perfectionist, I will continue to do so until the day I die, until this game is stopped,” said DeChambo. “That’s how I am.”

In the second round, Savgrass got a little mixed up. There were only four a day after 22 points of triple or higher spotting. There were 35 balls in the water on the 17th, so close to a third in the middle of the second round.

Jordan Worman Spiet double-spotted from the 14th parking lot, notable only because it was his first double booty or worse than the 16th hole in the Masters start in November, the 411-hole series, which was the longest in his career.

Rah on Rah’s goal’s goal’s 68’s three’s last three holes’s, while Dustin John Onson wasted a strong start և had to settle for 70, which left him with six shots.


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