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Kings exchange arter f Carter with Penguins for pair selection

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The Los Angeles Kings traded forward e Carter late Sunday night for a number of Pittsburgh Penguins contingent selections.

Rob Blake, vice-president-general manager of the Kings, said he would be privileged to choose the third round of the 2022 NHL draft and the fourth round of the 2023 draft. Pittsburgh GM Ron Hestal spent seven seasons with the Kings as assistant general manager, including when they won their first Stanley Cup in 2012.

Carter has played in the NHL for 16 years, the last nine plus seasons coming with the Kings, where he helped win several Stanley Cup titles. The 36-year-old striker was acquired by Columbus in the 2011-12 season. In the game against the “Kings”, he led the team in the game of power (57), in the winning goals (44), was second in goals (194), third in points (383) and fourth in assists (189).

Carter has eight goals and 11 assists in 40 games this season. He leaves Los Angeles in 10th place in the history of privileges with 10th place in goals, the first with 11 goals in overtime. The Kings are likely to miss the post-season for the third consecutive season. They have won just three of their last 10, six points from last place in the West Division play-offs.

Pittsburgh is in third place in the East Division, but only two points behind Washington, the leader of the New York Islands.

The departure of the cards is only four members of the Kings, who still have the privilege of being part of both Stanley Cup teams. Senior Copitar, striker Dustin Brown, defender Drew Dutt Jon goalkeeper Jon Onathan Quick.

Carter will have one year left on his current contract, and the next season will include a shirt worth $ 5.27 million. The kings will keep half of his salary as part of the terms of the trade.


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