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King County launches new tenant assistance. Here’s how to apply

Low-income tenants in King County can now apply for a new round of financial assistance to pay off rent owed during the epidemic.

As the state’s eviction moratorium expires on June 30, the county on Tuesday opened applications for tenants who owe past rent due to the epidemic. The aid, which is paid directly to landlords and is funded by $ 145 million in federal incentive dollars, is the county’s largest effort to date.

To qualify, tenants must live in King County և have an income of less than $ 40,000 per individual և about $ 58,000 $ for a family of four. Tenants must be in financial difficulties due to the epidemic, have housing instability or risk of homelessness.

Tenants can contact rent-help.kingcounty.gov for assistance. For help with other languages, find phone numbers at rent-help.kingcounty.gov/tenant. Citizenship is not required, և the county says it will not ask about immigration status.

Funding, in fact, works like a lottery. The county elects tenants each week for assistance until the funds are distributed. The amount can also cover unpaid utility bills.

In addition to repaying the money, the money could provide security for some tenants: landlords in the coming months. The county will cover the total rent for up to 12 months, including future rent for up to three months.

The county will also provide funding for rental assistance to local community organizations, and has asked landlords to apply for funding. About 5,000 properties have been registered so far. Tenants will be notified if their landlord registers. According to the county, payments to these landlords will begin in early June.

Landlords who receive funds from the county agree that if the tenant is evicted while receiving administrative assistance, they will return the money. Landlords agree to evict tenants at the end of the year if the tenant is unable to pay after receiving county assistance, does not breach the lease, or poses a health or safety risk, or the landlord wants to sell or relocate the property.

Land is a last resort for landlords and tenants.

Last year, the county allocated about $ 38 million to cover the debt of 9,000 households, while the average household received about three months’ rent, for a total of $ 4,100. According to the county report, three-quarters of the households receiving assistance were indigenous or people of color. Under the terms of receiving funds last year, according to the county, the large landlords waived the previous rent of about $ 3.1 million.

Across the Seattle subway, which includes Tacoma և Bellevue, an estimated 89,475 households are currently left behind in rent, about 11% of respondents, according to the mid-April US census.


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