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Kempe, Kopitar power Kings OT’s return to the Blues

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Adrian Kempe scored 1:45 in extra time, Anze Copitar scored two goals and assisted, and the Los Angeles Kings came together on Saturday night for a 4-3 victory over the St. Louis Blues.

Kempe hit the pass of Gabriel Willard 3: To rush 1 հաշվով, he finished a four-game losing streak after falling three goals behind in the first round.

Matt Luff scored and Jon Onathan Cook made 22 saves for the Kings, who have not conceded less than three goals since December 18, 2014.

“Now let’s face it, it won’t happen many nights when you score four goals in a row against a team like this and come back, but we were lucky last night to get our game back, it gave us a chance,” said Kings coach Todd McLellan.

David Peron had a goal and a goal assist for the “Navy”, which interrupted the series of four games. Jordan Worman Bingington made 30 saves.

“Obviously we would have liked to have two points (points), but you were able to try to close those games,” said Blues striker Braden Shen, who made two assists. “But at the end of the day, I guess we’ll get a point.”

The opening period seemed to sum up how the Blues and Kings tended. St. Louis entered the game with the best record in the NHL, while Los Angeles was in free fall as the winning streak of six games made it possible for them to reach the playoffs.

But the Kings retaliated, starting with Kopitar’s first goal 13. On the 08th. In the second minute 18:09 he scored a goal և created Matt Luff’s goal, equalizing the score 3-3, which remained 10.5 seconds.

“No one does it on their own, but when your best player or players decide they have to play and do it the right way, it’s really easy to go back,” McClellan said of Kopitar, who has two goals – the last five or four made a pass in the games. “When Alpha decides to play just like everyone else is behind it, it’s a tremendous lead that has been shown by a handful of them tonight.”

The Blues, where they stopped for a 3-2 win in extra time on Friday, struck the Kings with a lightning strike at 11:05 in the first half. Perոնըn took a one-on-one shot from the left after he և Bryden անցhen made a pass to the passing kings on the pitch.

Los Angeles has conceded in 15 of its 23 games this season.

Nathan Walker 4: On the 38th he made the score 2-0. Ryan O’Reilly then scored in a power play.

“I think the turning point in the first half was the break when we decided we could not play a competitive game against that team,” McClellan said. “There is a tendency to want to go and just open it. I do not blame the players for wanting that, but to be successful we have to play hard, և play along the boards. We must test our way to victory. “

The Blues’ forward Vladimir Tarasenko was minus-2 և 16:25 in his first game of the regular season since October 24, 2019, when he placed his left shoulder in the game against the “Kings”. Tarasenko returned to the field in two games, two playoff games, when the NHL season resumed, before the injury intensified, leading to surgery last August. This was his third operation since April 2018 for a five-goal scorer of 30 goals.

“It’s always bad when you come back from a long time (disconnected) և you lose, but it was time to reconsider everything in this life. It is a privilege to be in the dressing room, to be able to play. “I missed it. It’s nice to be there with the boys again, I feel that atmosphere, I feel the game,” said Tarasenko.


Peron scored three goals in two games against Los Angeles, extending his lead to six games. During that time he has four goals and three assists. Among the five-point points, Shen has two goals and four assists.


Blues center Oscar Sundvist did not return to action on Friday after suffering an undiagnosed injury.


Blues. Finish the road trip to San Jose Sharks on Monday.

Kings. Visit Anaheim Ducks on Monday for the first of two sets.


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