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Kanter has 30 rebounds, and the Blazers beat the Pistons 118-103

PORTLAND, Day. (AP) – Enes Kanter has made her teammates happy on the bench with every return kick she added to her new Portland record.

Kanter had a record 30 points with 24 points, and on Saturday night, the Blazers defeated the Detroit Pistons 118-103.

Kanter surpassed Sidney Wicks’ Portland record of 27 rebounds, set in 1975. Kanter also surpassed the high index of his own career – 26 sets, while in 2018 he was Kicks.

The joys of the fierce side were a due tribute to Kanter, who has served as a backup and starting line-up this season as needed.

“I was so happy when I looked at the bench, everyone was upstairs, everyone was happy, everyone was smiling, everyone was supporting their teammates. That is what we are talking about, “said Canter. “Blazers basketball is all about that, just supporting each other.”

Damian Lillard had 27 points and 10 assists, and CJ McCollum added 26 points for the Blazers, who broke a two-game losing streak.

Posh acks Exxon scored 21 points for the Pistons, who were 24 points behind. Frank acks Exxon scores 17 points

Center Usuf Nurkic was not available for the Blazers as it was the first with a backhand. He had a knee tumor in the starting lineup, which kept him out of the game against the Clippers earlier this week.

The Blazers’ coach Terry Stotts said before the game that Nurkic would be available for Sunday night’s home game against Miami. Kanter started Nurkich’s place.

“When you look at the effort, the stubbornness at both ends, the beating you have to endure, it’s all hard to do,” Stots said. “And the fact that Enes is such a great guy, you can tell from the reaction of the benches how happy the team was for him, but getting a response record says a lot about human willpower.”

After the “Turkish tank” game, Nurkic shouted at Kanter on Twitter

The Pistons, playing first in the backcourt, calmed down Wayne Ellington. Mason Plumley returned to victory in Sacramento on Thursday night due to a concussion.

Carmelo Anthony’s jump in the second quarter made the Blazers 43-27, but the Pistons missed the lead by 14-2, reaching 45-41.

During the break, Portland led 59-50. Kanter had 11 points and 16 rebounds, and Lillard led all the strikers with 14 points.

In the third quarter, CJ McCollum swimmer lifted the Blazers 74-59, և Derrick ones ounce Jr.’s shot recently reached 97-76.

“You have to be a stable 3-point shooting team. You saw how easy it was for these guys tonight. “They didn’t even shoot it well, but they did shoot 45%,” said Pistons coach Duan Casey. “That և kickback, which resulted in 24 second chance points, was the difference in tonight’s game.”

Detroit performed just nine bows beyond 26.


Pistons. Grant Era left the second right-hander due to a knee injury. “It is a difficult championship. “It’s competitive, so you just have to be ready when the number calls you,” said Frank Acks Exxon, speaking on the sidelines.

Trail Blazers. It was the second and last meeting of the two teams. On March 31, the Blazers won the first, 124-101, in Detroit. This was Kanter’s team record 29th double this season.


After the game, Stotts was asked if he intended to start Kanter, given Nurkic’s question on his knees. The coach said he would discuss it.

“I do not know what Nurk’s minute restrictions will be (Sunday),” Stotts said. “If Nurk stays within 20 minutes, I think I will discuss it.”


The Pistons visit the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday for the first of two sets. The second is Wednesday.

On Sunday, the “Trail Blazers” will host “Miami” in its return match.


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