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Job creation in the US reached a record high in February

WASHINGTON (AP) – Job turnover peaked in February, a sign of healthy employment – a reassuring sign for job seekers.

The job opening rate, which is the number of available jobs as a percentage of employment և vacancies combined, has risen to 9 4.9%, the highest level since the first data search in December 2000.

The growth reflects the steady growth of vacancies, reaching 7.4 million, significantly higher than the pre-epidemic level of about 7 million, up from 7.1 million in January. Total rents have risen to 5.7 million, although this is lower than in February 2020, just before the coronavirus intensified.

The data were obtained from Job Opening և Job Turnover Surveys or JOLTS, which reports the number of job listings, recruitment, dismissal, or dismissal. Rental rates are gross, while the monthly job report shows the net number of jobs received or lost.

Last Friday, the government announced that 916,000 net jobs had been added, the highest since August, and the unemployment rate fell to 6% from 6.2%.

The labor market is still far from healing. Including those who have lost their jobs, stopped looking for work, such as the wrong classification of some unemployed, the unemployment rate will be around 9%.

And 9.7 million people are still unemployed, or about 1.3 people out of work for each job opening.

But the jump in available jobs suggests that hiring could continue at strong levels in March. The Department of Labor said Friday that U.S. employers last month released large stockpiles of jobs, adding 916,000 jobs.

The biggest gain, according to a JOLTS report on Tuesday, was in the healthcare sector, which created 230,000 more jobs than the previous month. The leisure և hospitality environment, which includes restaurants, hotels, bars, amusement parks և casinos, also grew by 160,000 jobs.


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