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Jarran Reed can move on, but the defensive line is still a force for the Seahawks

The election of the once announced second round, the man who had collected 10.5 bags three years ago, was expected to be the leader for the defensive line …

And I’m not sure it hurts the Seahawks a bit.

The Seahawks formally released Jarran Reed on Friday after they could not find a recruiter in the trading market. ended that relationship.

On the surface, it looks like the Seahawks have lost 19 of Reed’s 19 games in his last 42 games (he missed six games in 2019 due to suspension). The trick is that after Reed’s departure, the Seahawks still have a frightening transfer of 8 $ 8.9 million in open hat space. They have younger players who can fill the void left by his absence.

Are they finished products on top of another Super Bowl run? Not so much. But at this time of year, the Seahawks have made significant progress.

Some thoughts about Reed. 1. That 10.5 bag season of 2018 seems to be an anomalous field. The next year he collected only two bags, և although he had 6.5 bags last season, but after two everyone came The arrival of the defensive end Carlos Dunlap, whose presence was thought to make it easier for everyone on the D-line to get out on the field.

2. Reed has never been considered a great defender of running. In any case, according to the analytical site Pro Football Focus, which regularly rated him as below average for his position in that department. At the same time, Al-Woods, the Seahawks DT that signed Reed after his release, was hailed as a skilled defender against fleeing.

It was not long ago that the Sahox defensive line was considered his weakest point. This showed the first seven games of the season, in which they collected only 9 bags. By the end of the year, they had collected 46 bags, which was the seventh number in the league.

Most of them were related to the arrival of Dunlap, which the Seahawks re-signed a two-year deal worth $ 16.6 million. Most of them were due to the safety return of Amal Adams, who set an NFL record of 9.5 points per game and will return next season. The Seahawks will also bring back defensive finalist Benson Mayaova, who had six bags last year. And they were selling with DE Kerry Hyder, which had 8.5 last year.

Assuming everyone can stay healthy, which is always a risky assumption, of course, the Seahawks are in a good hurry to transition.

As for its interior. Well, Pona Ford, who was effective last year, is likely to see a lot more explosions. And the first draft of the first round LJ Collier can be moved in, given its 290 pound range. As a matter of fact, the Seahawks have more hat space to meet other needs, as coach Pete Carroll and general manager John von Schneider have skillfully done over the past decade. In other words, losing Reed can very well be a blessing.

The past two weeks have provided some much-needed positives for Seahawks, which drowned in last month’s drama. Dissatisfaction with quarterback Russell Wilson dominated the headlines as fears of his departure seemed to spread to the Puget Sound region.

No, Wilson’s offensive line complaints have not been fully resolved. But if winning is still Wilson’s priority, it’s hard to say that the Seahawks have not taken steps to stay competitive.

If history shows, Carol and Schneider will take many more steps in the coming months. And if achievements like Duane Brown, Quandre Diggs or Dunlap suggest anything, those moves can continue into the regular season.

What is known now is this. Reed was a full-time asset here in Seattle. In 2018, he had a breakthrough season, earning his two-year, $ 23 million extension, and was somewhat productive last season. But he does not need to move forward.

Seahawks defense is still one of the strong points of the team without him. Fans should mention his contributions here, but not mourn his progress.


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