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Japan aponia champion. Matsuyama wins Masters for his nation

AUGUST, GA. (AP) – Hideki Matsuyama almost turned down his first chance to play for the Masters. A month after the devastating earthquake in Aponia ամիս a month after the tsunami, disasters killed thousands of people and devastated most of the region in which it struck in 2011. He called Martin home.

He decided to play a month later, just because he thought it would lift his spirits.

A decade later, he rose to prominence again, becoming the first Japanese Aponian to win a golf major. Matsuyama’s one-goal victory over the Ult ala alarator at Augusta National made him the Masters Champion, who easily became the greatest moment for the sport in his crazy golf hometown.

“I can not say that I am the greatest,” said Matsuyama. “However, I’m the first to win a profession. If it ‘s a benchmark, I’ve set it.”

He was the biggest Masters this week, none.

History has it that he won the tournament on Sunday with his 73rd victory in the finals, but he really won that Saturday by finishing with a bead that put him at the top of the leaderboard. In the third round, he finished 6th with a seven-hole horse in the back, a decisive quality that no one could match. Even the last score on Sunday was a bit misleading. it only intensified when Matsuyama made three bows in his last four holes, although the lead never seemed to be in danger.

Matsuyama finished in 10th և 278th place. ala alatoris was in 9th place, Jordan ordan Spiet և Xander Schoffel was in 7th place with 7 points, and Rah on Rahm և Mark Leishman in 6th place were in 5th place. Just Astin Rose, who jumped out on Thursday at 65, finished seventh with five rebounds.

“It is touching to think that many young people in Japan are watching Aponia today,” said Matsuyama. “I hope in five, 10 years, when they get a little older, I hope some of them will compete on the world stage. “But I still have many years left, so they will still have to compete against me.”

Message to those children. Good luck! Matsuyama is only 29 years old.

He moved from No. 25 to No. 14 in the World Rankings է will be welcomed throughout his life during Augusta State Masters Week, one of the many bonuses that come when someone aspires to a green jacket.

“I think it’s really good for golf around the world,” Spiet said. “I think he is a great young player who was inevitably going to win big leagues.”

It turned out that it ended in a draw with the Master Island final, a week that was memorable for those who were there, those who were not there long, those who could not be there at all.

On Thursday morning, Lee Elder, the Masters’ first player of the day, when he broke the color barrier of the tournament, joined Jack E. Nicklaus and Gary Player for the opening shot of the tournament opening ceremony on Thursday morning. When Friday night came, reigning champion Dustin John Onson made it after missing a two-hit cut. And five-time Masters winner Tiger Woods was not going to attend or even attend the Champions League dinner in Augusta. He is recovering from an ongoing car crash at his home in Los Angeles.

Woods could not be seen. Not long after Matsuyama’s victory, they listened to him or at least read him.

“Japan idioty to make Hideki proud,” Woods wrote on Twitter. “I congratulate you on such a huge achievement for your country. This historic victory for TheMasters will have an impact on the world of golf. ”

He is not wrong.

Japan Aponia is set to host the Olympics this summer, which has been postponed for a year due to the coronavirus և was still a thorn in the side of many in the country who think the Tokyo Games should be held at all.

The golf event at those Olympics is scheduled to be held at Kasumigaseki Country Club, the place where Matsuyama won as an amateur to secure that first trip to the 2011 Augusta National. A decade later, he returned to the Butler Cab, this time with John Onson slipping a green jacket over his shoulders.

“I’m really looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics,” said Matsuyama. “If I am in the team, maybe it seems like I will be, I will do my best to represent my country, I hope I will play well.”

He does not accept anything as a given. There is no way that the Masters champion will be selected for the Aponia Olympic team, but since it is not yet official, he would not act as if it were.

And he might have thought it was a cool Sunday, when in reality he was nothing. He did not sleep well or, as soon as he wished, felt nervousness on the first aunt եց pushed his first pendulum on Sunday into the pine straw on the right side of the balm. He plotted, the ala alatoris started bird-to-bird, չորս four shots of lead reached one overnight.

Matsuyama calmed down immediately. The leader was never lost. In the end, the Masters won. And when it was all over, Shota Hayafuji, who got his first victory as Matsuyama’s cadet, brought the pin to the 18th hole, then removed the cover and bowed.

Respect Augusta National deserves it.

And Matsuyama will now forever receive the level of respect that the champions there deserve.

“So far we have not had a major champion in Aponia, maybe many golfers or junior golfers also thought, well, maybe it is impossible,” said Matsuyama. “But if I do, I hope it sets an example for them that it is possible. If they think about it, they can do it too.”


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