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Insurer CEO The future is filled with telehealth, home visits

Spring break takes on a different meaning during an epidemic when you run a Florida health insurance company that covers about 5 million people.

Patrick G. Geragt is not crazy about his state being filled with potentially masked college students who could spread COVID-19 to more Florida residents.

But the CEO of Florida Blue thinks that people are doing a good job, otherwise they are trying to curb the coronavirus epidemic. He sees the mild flu season as a sign that people are wearing masks and trying to keep their distance.

He’s inspired by some of the coverage and care changes he expects to see as COVID-19 begins to fade.

Gerakhti, 61, recently spoke to The Associated Press. The conversation has been edited for simplicity և length.

H. Will the epidemic change the way patients think about care?

We will see (telemedicine) as a standard part of advancement, which may not be as common as it was during the epidemic, but it will stay here.

Q: What about therapy in particular? Do you think teletherapy will remain?

– It depends on the comfort of the patient. Most of the therapy can be done remotely after establishing a personal relationship. We have seen many patients who were interested in pursuing it that way.

Question. What is the biggest trend consumers will see in coverage over the next few years?

P. You will see a mix of lines between insurers և (care) delivery systems և. I think you also see more care at home. We bought a company that deals with chronic care. We believe that these types of services are going to become more popular as technology supports home care delivery, which is much more convenient, much more cost effective.

Question. COVID-19 vaccines have been available for several months. Have you seen any changes in medical requirements since then?

Answers. Claims are usually delayed by 90 to 120 days. It is too early to see the difference. But we are encouraged to spread the vaccine.

Q: Are you worried about spring break?

I always worry when I see that people next to each other do not wear masks, they do not follow the instructions of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention when we have to take those risks. I think it’s a little early for that to happen.

H. Shortly before the epidemic struck, Florida Blue said it would launch a program that connects some Medicare Advantage clients with college students or people who can offer company. Why?

We believe that health is much broader than just healthcare. There are a number of services that we believe increase the quality of life and actually contribute to an individual’s health.

H. Does loneliness contribute to poor physical health?

Pat. And poor physical and mental health. They are interconnected. Ob emission of one of its main causes is loneliness.


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