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Inslee. Washington has entered its fourth wave of COVID-19

OLYMPIA – The state of Washington has entered its fourth wave of the COVID-19 epidemic as the number of cases continues to rise, Governor Ay Insli said on Thursday.

At a news conference, he was joined by officials from Pearce իր Spokane’s health’s office, and Insli cited data showing an increase in cases, an increase in hospitalizations, and the spread of new versions of the virus.

“Unfortunately, we are now seeing the beginning of the fourth wave in Washington state,” said Inslin.

“And, unfortunately, we are starting at a higher level than where the other channels started,” said the governor in terms of the number of cases right now.

The top three slopes come as government officials compete to vaccinate more people, even as demand has fallen in some parts of the state, Inslee reports.

Calling the situation “just too dangerous to endure”, Insley called on people to get vaccinated, wear masks and keep their distance.

COVID-19 hospitalization is also on the rise, especially among young people, he said. The data showed a significant increase in the hospitalization of children, as well as people aged 40 to 59 years.

Dan Gates of Spokane’s Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Holy Family Hospital called it a “steady” growth, although it is still manageable.

“Patients are getting younger, both in terms of hospitalization and in terms of death,” said Gates of the local medical department. “Recently we have seen a lot of sick patients over the age of 20, we also see more patients being hospitalized in the 50s.”

MultiCare is also seeing a slow increase in inpatients in the Pierce area, says chief physician Dave Carlson.

Carlson, in particular, is found there in smaller patients, especially those with obesity, diabetes and lung disease.

But “MultiCair is well-prepared to manage people in our community who need security and care,” he added. “Both those who have COVID and those who do not.”

The increase comes as new versions of the coronavirus in the state, some of which are more contagious and deadly, are expanding.

Inslee shared a chart showing the distribution of the version first discovered in the UK

According to the data, this option was rare in Washington even in early March. But it is now the dominant option in the state.

Governor Ay Insley today at 2 p.m. On the 30th, a press conference was scheduled to discuss the state’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 epidemic.
Watch here:

The steady increase in և hospitalizations, which determines the extent to which each district can be reopened, is not a good sign for the state’s May 3 assessment of whether to tighten restrictions.

In mid-April, government officials ordered Pierce, Cowley, and Whitman states to tighten COVID-19 restrictions and return to the second phase of the Governor’s Healthy Washington program.

This meant returning to the 25% capacity limit for indoor areas such as restaurants and fitness centers, instead of the 50% allowed in the third phase. The other 36 states in Washington are currently in the third round.

Asked at a press conference whether the state should assess the countries before May 3, given the situation, Insli said he did not think so.

The governor also said he was not currently considering a change in public health to make it harder or easier for restricted districts to return to stricter restrictions. Shortly before mid-April, he նա health officials changed the criteria, making it harder for regions to tighten restrictions.



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