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Insider Q&A. Hyundai Olabisi Boyle

Olabys Boyle, vice president of product planning and mobility strategy at Hyundai Motor North America, has undergone many changes in the industry over the decades. Prior to joining Hyundai in August, Boyle was vice president of Visa-affiliated business, where one of his roles was to expand in-car payment technology. Prior to that, he held several senior positions at Fiat Chrysler and Ford Motor Co. This interview was edited for length երկար clarity.

H. How do you see the future of Hyundai էլեկ electric cars in general for the automotive industry? How long do you think it will take for EV to become the norm?

H. Hyundai has made significant investments in managing our electrification. We plan to introduce about 12 electric models of batteries by 2025. The total group will have 23 environmentally friendly cars worldwide, one million EVs by 2025. And we want to fully electrify the car line և to make up about 10% of the EV market. until 2040

Question. You discussed the UK City Airport at CES. Can you talk a little bit about self-propelled ռչ flying cars և City Airport?

The answer is what we like to call “urban air mobility vehicles” instead of flying cars. We have a joint venture with Aptiv called Motional, և we started testing completely driverless systems in 2020. Our vision for future cities includes what we call “targeted vehicles.” These are autonomous vehicles that can be used for cargo, people, ride-hail (fully) autonomous vehicles. Where it’s becoming in urban mobility և how they interact, we want to have, moving towards future, multimodal solutions for people. So you can get in a “helicopter” (the kind of airport where the plane lands և vertical flight) with your city air mobility vehicle, land there, then move one of those purpose-built vehicles to another place, and then take it from there. e-mail bicycle or e. scooter. We have this vision of urban air mobility, which wants to commercialize these aircraft by 2028.

Question. How does robotics play out? Եւ Hyundai acquires a majority stake in robot maker Boston Dynamics.

We want to make progress for humanity և to become a smart mobile company. But we also work on all kinds of robotics projects. Thus, in our assembly plants, it incorporates robotic technology to assist people who have to perform repetitive tasks, wear robots for the elderly with partial disabilities, and then the robots we develop for our urban mobility to operate off-road.

Question. How do you adapt to the whole digital car buying experience?

We work with our dealers to ensure that all of our dealers have digital retail options. We have seen our online transactions reach almost 10% of our total volume. It will be something that will continue and even grow. Post-epidemic, with a vaccine.


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