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In Texas, QB competition is emerging between Thompson’s “Card”

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – When Casey Thompson and the Texas Longhorns beat Colorado in the Alamo Cup, there was little talk of an upcoming midfield competition, let alone a possible odds of positional controversy.

Thompson was very similar to the future of the program, after the last 8 to 10 performance in the second half, which hurt Sam Ehlinger with four touches. Texas dominated, and so did Thompson.

But Steve Sarkisian’s steady Hudson Card’s mature talent from coaching’s change of coach in January forced the spring frustration of the week and 2021. The months leading up to the season were all about one position: who will be the start of the Longhorns against Lujiana-Lafayette on September 4.

If Thompson is upset that he has to prove himself again after waiting three years for his turn, he does not show it.

“I sat for three years. It made me a better player every day. “I said it right after the bowl game that (I’m) hungry, I want to get better,” Thompson said this week when he and Card first met with reporters in the spring. “I accept the competition.”

He did not always feel that way. After the 2018 season, Thompson briefly entered the transfer portal with fellow freshman Cam Rising. At that time, everyone was lagging behind Ehlinger, who still had two seasons on the field, just managed to reach Texas in the 10th season.

The ascent travels to Utah. Thompson stayed. He also had to wait another two years. He now says he’s glad he’s in Texas, nothing even guaranteed yet. He said. “You get paid in life if you go through hardships.”

“I’m glad I waited my turn, I’m glad I did not play right away,” he said. “Obviously, my opponent wanted to play right away as a freshman or sophomore. But looking back now, I think my maturity is really what helped me stay here. And I think I have taken on a new chapter in my life, a new role. ”

The new challenge is to avoid Card, who played at Lake Travis High School nearby, a large college quarry factory. The card was barely played last season, but his practice throws are already legendary.

Even Ellinger admired what he saw, calling Cardin a “special player.”

“There really is no other way to put it,” Ehlinger said. “She came out of the womb spinning football.”

The card seems to like the ability to jump the line and win the case.

“He (Thompson) had experience, but at the end of the day you grow up learning with such new opportunities,” Card said. “I’m excited for the future.”

None of this could have happened without a coaching change that interrupted what seemed to be a natural progression for Thompson. Sarkisian’s arrival appointed impressive new coaches to learn a new book.

“I was shocked,” Thompson said of Herman’s shooting. “I did not see him coming.”

Sargsyan liked what he saw from Thompson in the Alamo Cup, but it was only 10 passes. And he does not give any hints based on the player, noting after the last fight that “we have too many negative games in that position, it is not acceptable.”

Changes in eligibility caused by the coronavirus epidemic would allow Ehlinger to return next season. Instead, he chose to pursue an NFL career. He ranks among the leaders in his school career in almost every major category.

Thompson plans to wear the Ehlinger jersey number 11, something he wanted more than to go to university.

“I actually wore number 11 all my life before I got to college,” Thompson said.

The key is who will be number 1 in September.


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