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In riders gather from early quarter deficit to beat White Sox 7-6

Mariners 7, White Sox 6 Peoria Sports Complex


During his third start in spring training, Marco Gonzalez gave the Mariners 4 2/3 jobs, allowing five runs on nine strokes, walking with a: strike. White Sox won all five runs in the second final when he did not finish. Gerson Bautista After the second game, Gonzalez returned to the game, according to the new rules, in the third, fourth and fifth games without points.

“Second step, I was a little far from time,” Gonzalez said. “I think I was trying to do a little more. I did not have the command of my fast bullet where I wanted, I somehow tried to use several different weapons, I got a little out of my way. It was nice to go through that, and then get into a few more innovations. ”

Gonzalez became more aggressive with his quick ball mentality.

“For me, everything comes from my fast ball,” he said. “It really emphasizes that he should not try too much, but he should not just try to direct it, try to put it there, just let it tear, the movement will take care of itself.”

At least 5-1, the “sailors” defeated the fourth deficit. After his RBI single at the first base, Kyle Lewis cut his first spring homer. Step 3: 109 mph left center. In the fourth quarter, Mitch Haniger added an RBI single. The In Ovins took the fifth step, scoring three points from Chicago starting player Lance Lee.

Game player:

If there were doubts about the return of 100% of Arred Kelenich’s left foot, he deleted it with his performance on Friday night. During his first bombing, he hit the center-left with a hard-hitting car, speeding it into a double. During his second combat bombing, he hit a chopper on the left side of the infield for the infield single. In his third tactic with the first և third runners և out, he hit the second post with a hard ball. Kelenich did not allow it to turn into a double game, quickly taking the ground and throwing the shot. This allowed the equation to work.

“I’m a competitor, և I like to play this game, և when I left the game because I straightened my knee a bit, և the game was taken away from me for about 10 days,” said Kelenich. “It’s just interesting to be back there with the team to compete.”


“I intend to steal 30 bags this year. I think it is possible. “I consider myself fast, I try to show it as much as possible, I got hit a few times today, with a double hit there, with my crushed ball, which ran to us.” – Kelenich on his speed.

On T quality

The riders will travel to Surprise Stadium to play Saturday night against Texas Ranger. Right-back Robert Dagger will start for right-back Rafael Montero, Kendall Graymann, Cainan Middleton, and ry Gerber և left-back Anthony Misevic. Rangers will start with left Wes Benjamin. The first playing field is set at 18. 05. The game will not be televised in any market. There will be a live broadcast on ESPN 710-AM և mariners.com

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