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In Rider Failures և Dismissals come together to defeat the Giants, winning starting ranks

Tonight, the skeptics, infidels and naysayers who questioned the Navy’s place in the league for possible future success were silenced. There will probably never be an evening like this, when many players with legal question marks of their place in the Major League Baseball landscape this season and beyond will contribute in this collaborative way to ensure victory.

In the future, again, it would not be difficult for a scout to go down the Mariners’ roster և to find the chance of failure for almost any player.

But it was noticeable that the navy 4. They won over the Giants with a score of 0, which gave them a victory to start the season, because the players most responsible for the success all somehow fit that description.

“A lot of good things happen on the hill when there is a deviation at any given time in this league,” said Mariners manager Scott Service.

It started with Chris Flexen, the starting pitcher. After the 2019 season, the right-wing squad left Major League Baseball after three impressive seasons at the crossroads between Mets և և their Triple-A subsidiary և. He was out of shape, inefficient, insecure. He was transferred to a Korean baseball team, where he got his mind and body in proper shape, which included losing 40 pounds, regained his curve, improved his cutter, and achieved real success, which led to his confidence.

Still, when the sailors signed him to a foreign contract, concluding a two-year contract, and locked him in a rotation of six people, it was a collective response. “Who the hell is Chris Flexen?” և “Why didn’t the Navy sign a real pitcher?”

In his first MLB start since April 20, 2019, he performed five moves, allowing four two-step, four-stroke strikes. Showing a mix of four pitches, he tried in several situations when he felt his cut and change after his release.

“It’s a trust, a trust,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. There will be innings where you will lose that feeling, but it is about returning to that feeling, trusting your things. I know those secondary pitches are huge pitches for me. I know I need them all over the world, I will not avoid them, I will be afraid to throw them. “

MLB last appeared in his game on August 24, 2019. And his last victory.

“Honestly, I can not tell you anything about my recent victory in my league,” said Flexen. “I do not remember much about it.”

For the record, Flexen’s last victory came on August 23, 2017, when he made six innings, allowing two runs on four strokes, four steps, and five strokes on the Diamondbacks. Considering the way back to the big league, he will definitely remember tonight.

“I was definitely nervous about it, but in a good way,” he said. “I was very excited. Something I’ve done in the past is very bottled: I really just tried to hug everything tonight, trust myself և go out, compete և have fun. To start the year with a victory, that we start the year with a victory in the TV series, it is quite surprising. “

And two of the pitchers that made sure it was deadlocked. Well, one is a former starting pitcher that would have started if it weren’t for the benign tumor on his neck bones that would have left him in pain if he had done more than a few innings. The other is a small right-hander who was mediocre in the starting line-up, succeeded as a caller and got closer after scoring all eight Rangers saves last season.

In her first appearance of the season, Kendall Grayman dominated with Flexen. Sitting with his sinking fast ball 97-98 mph և Exciting 99 mph և Improved slide he worked on all season և all spring, Graveman threw two shut-offs, took the sixth out և hit from the three shots in front of him to both. in the seventh. The only runner was allowed to kick from the field.

“Gravey was just incredible,” said Servis. “It simply came to our notice then. He was phenomenal. Six major ways out of it. “

Closer to home, Rafael Montero, who allowed a homer on the opening night, entered the game in the eighth move with two results to clear the small mess made by Anthony Misevich. Great play by JP Crawford on a short short steady free kick over the ball and Montero puts an end to the threat. And with the field behavior, which could be considered a cadet, he coldly recorded his first save of the season with 1-2-3 ninth.

“Monti is quite calm,” said Servis. “She is a very nice customer there. He has a real weapon. He started making pitcher-type weapons. You can see the good speed, the good changes, the really good slide. ”

Oh oh, անք insult was necessary to win.

Well, it was provided by Tony Gwynn’s physical student, who does not seem to have a defensive position, out of three double players who showed only the success of the MLB և another boy who missed 660 days of baseball due to injuries և three surgeries.

In the third period, Ty France, whose best position should be described as a striker, և its best defensive position was probably designated as a striker, defeated the soloist Homer, the left field of the Giants’ newcomer Logan Webb.

In the fourth start, Evan White, he is 2020. It was the average% 200% strike rate, եց doubled the goal from the left. He would have scored when Taylor Tramel, the former Reds’ first-team pick, who was now playing in his third organization, went through the first hit of his MLB career. relieve.

Trammell would have scored when Dylan Moore, who signed a MLB contract as a utility last season, although he had never played in the major leagues, started working in a 30-game design in 2020, followed by a double left.

“Offensively we start to turn around,” Service said. “It’s nice to see Tramel block his first shot. I hope he can relax, get a little more into his game.”

The last run for the riders took place when Mitch Hanniger swallowed the solo Homer in the seventh inn.

“It felt really good,” he said. “I was waiting for it. “I feel like I’ve really handled the ball well, and that one felt good.”

Haniger’s return to the field is well documented after the terrible testicular injury he received on June 6, 2019. Two days before that was his last MLB homer. In his three games, he offers a reminder of how good he can be when he is healthy.

“He is a footballer,” said Service. “She is so excited that I came back to her. We must keep her healthy. So you will see that he regularly takes vacations here as we go through the beginning of the season. ”


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