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If you’re thinking about privacy, it’s time to try a new browser

Firefox Focus, DuckDuckGo և Brave are all similar, but with some possible differences.

Firefox Focus, which is only available for mobile devices such as the iPhone և Android smartphone, has no bones. You tap the web address և, after browsing, you tap the trash icon to delete the session. The logout automatically clears the history. When browsing a webpage, the browser relies on a retrieval database to determine which one to block.

DuckDuckGo, which is also only available for mobile devices, is more like a traditional browser. This means you can bookmark your favorite sites և open multiple browser tabs.

When you use a search bar, the browser returns results from the DuckDuckGo search engine, which the company says focuses more on privacy because its ads do not track people’s online behavior. DuckDuckGo prevents ads from being downloaded by advertisers. When you have finished browsing, you can tap the flame icon below to clear the session.

Brave is also more like a traditional web browser, it has anti-tech technology features like tabs and tabs. It includes a private mode that must be enabled if you do not want people to scrutinize your web history.

Brave is also so aggressive about blocking spies that it almost always blocks ads completely. Other private browsers were less likely to block ads.

For most people, not seeing ads is a good idea. But for those who want to get back to a publisher whose ads are blocked, Brave hosts its own ad network that you can opt out of. You get a reduction in revenue in the form of a token for watching ads that do not follow your behavior. You can then choose to give symbols to your favorite sites. (Only web publishers who work with Brave can get tokens).

I checked all three browsers on my iPhone, setting each as a default browser for a few days.

Everyone has a button to see how many monitors they have blocked while downloading the site. To test it, I went to nypost.com, The New York Post, which uploaded 83 followers without any follow-up. 15 monitors on nypost.com with DuckDuckGo have been blocked. It was 22 years old with Kajar. Firefox Focus blocked 47.


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