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If you’re interested in privacy, it’s time to try a new web browser

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.

If you are running Microsoft Edge, it may be because you are running Windows. If you use Safari, it is probably because you are an Apple customer. If you’re a Chrome user, it may be because you have a Google phone or laptop, or you downloaded Google Browser to your personal device after using it at school or at work.

In other words, we turn to easily accessible, familiar browsers. It is easy to fall into the inertia of the browser, because all these programs are fast, capable և serve the same purpose – to visit the site.

So if the differences are minimal, why bother looking for something else?

I hope to convince you to try at least one more thing. A new type of Internet navigator called a private browser. These types of browsers, from lesser known brands such as DuckDuckGo և Brave, have emerged in the last three years. What stands out is that they minimize the information we collect about us by blocking the technologies used to track us down.

This is generally better than what major browsers do, especially Chrome. While some browsers, such as Safari and Firefox, include backup prevention, smaller brands have focused on even more privacy.

We have also reached a point of deviation in the field of digital privacy. The online advertising industry is focusing on web cookies, code snippets embedded in browsers that follow us from site to site, helping us to target ads. Google, whose Chrome browser is the most popular in the world, is trying to develop a new way without targeting us with cookie ads.

Let’s not wait for that. You may decide you do not want to go back now!

“We are at the forefront of the road,” said Nene Gebhart, director of the nonprofit Digital Frontier Foundation, which pursues privacy issues. “Companies that turn on the lights with ads, including Google, are struggling to see what the next show will look like. Users’s time to inform users և to make a choice. “

Unlike basic web browsers, personal browsers come in a variety of forms that serve different purposes. For about a week I tried three of the most popular versions: DuckDuckGo, Brave և Firefox Focus. I was even surprised that I finally switched to Brave as the default iPhone browser. Here’s how it happened.

What is a private browser?

You can know what browsers do and do not do. So let’s look under the hood.

Private browsers usually contain web technologies that have been around for years.

– They rely on something called personal mode, also known as incognito mode, which is a browsing session that does not record the history of the sites you visit. This is useful if you do not want people with physical access to your device to disguise you.

– Private browsers use control blocks, which can often be downloaded as a browser add-on. Blockers depend on a list of known backers who take information about your identity. Each time you load a website, the software then detects those followers, restricting them from following you from the site. The big disadvantage of this approach is that blocking it can sometimes break some parts of the site, such as the carts և videos.

Privacy-focused browsers typically turn on personal mode, or clear the browsing history automatically when the browser is stopped. The browsers are designed to prevent backlinks, allowing them to aggressively block tracks using approaches that minimize site hacking.

But private browsers do not prevent your ISP from seeing what sites you visit. So if you are on vacation և using the hotel Wi-Fi connection, the personal browser will not restrict your browsing data from the hotel internet provider. For this type of protection, you still need to connect to a virtual private network, a technology that creates a virtual tunnel that protects your browsing information.

Meet private browsers

Firefox Focus, DuckDuckGo և Brave are all similar, but with some possible differences.

Firefox Focus, which is only available for mobile devices such as the iPhone և Android smartphone, has no bones. You punch the web address և, after browsing, you tap the trash icon to delete the session. The logout automatically clears the history. When browsing a webpage, the browser relies on a retrieval database to determine which one to block.

DuckDuckGo, which is also only available for mobile devices, is more like a traditional browser. This means you can bookmark your favorite sites և open multiple browser tabs.

When you use a search bar, the browser returns results from the DuckDuckGo search engine, which the company says is more focused on privacy because its ads do not track people’s online behavior. DuckDuckGo prevents ads from being downloaded by advertisers. When you have finished browsing, you can click on the flame icon below to clear the session.

Brave is also more like a traditional web browser, it has anti-tech technology features like tabs and tabs. It includes a private mode that must be enabled if you do not want people to scrutinize your web history.

Brave also pursues blocking devices so aggressively that it almost always blocks ads in the process. Other private browsers were less likely to block ads.

For most people, not seeing ads is a good idea. But for those who want to get back to a publisher whose ad is blocked, Brave hosts its own ad network that you can opt out of. You get a reduction in revenue in the form of a token for watching ads that do not follow your behavior. You can then choose to give symbols to your favorite sites. (Only web publishers who work with Brave can receive tokens).

Battle of the Bombers

I checked all three browsers on my iPhone, setting each as a default browser for a few days.

Everyone has a button to see how many followers they have blocked while downloading the site. To test it, I went to nypost.com, The New York Post, which uploaded 83 followers without any follow-up. With DuckDuckGo, 15 nypost.com monitors blocked. With Kajar, it was 22 years old. Firefox Focus blocked 47.

But the numbers do not tell the whole story. Firefox Focus sometimes breaks down elements of websites. Could not upload videos to some sites և Advertising windows could not be closed.

Mozilla CEO Selena Dekelman, who makes Firefox, said that strict privacy protection for Firefox Focus can sometimes lead to website hacking, with the company working with web publishers to get their websites loaded properly.

I did not have much trouble using DuckDuckGo, although there were occasional chills. In a case where DuckDuckGo uses Wirecutter, the New York Times sister publication that ստուգ checks ապրանք recommends products, some product names have not been fully downloaded. Although the site was still running, it seemed strange.

After all, you would probably be happy to use one of your personal browsers. Even if you do not put someone in your default browser, it is useful for certain situations, such as sensitive web search on health.

For me, Brave won by hair. My favorite sites loaded flawlessly; I enjoyed the clean look of tin advertising sites, as well as the desire to see the ads. Brave CEO Brendan Eich said the company’s browser had blocked cookies “without mercy”.

“If everyone used Brave, it would eliminate the backward advertising economy,” he said.

Count in me.


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