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ICU cases are creeping into the new peak of the French virus

Paris (AP) – The number of resuscitated patients in France is rapidly approaching the worst point of the last wave of the coronavirus in the autumn of 2020, another indicator of how the renewed crushing of infections is taking its toll on French hospitals.

On Sunday night, the French government counted 4872 COVID-19 patients in ICUs և in hospital surveillance units. It is just behind the last high point – 4919 CIS cases, on November 16, when France was also covered by a virus wave, in response it was closed.

As ICU admissions continue to double-digit daily, that November peak may pass in a matter of days. Doctors are increasingly warning that they may have to start touring patients for BSM care, particularly in the Paris area.

When the epidemic first struck France, hospitals ended with more than 7,000 patients in the intensive care unit, which reached April 2020.

But during that initial tidal wave of infections, hospitals stopped treating non-COVID-19 patients to avoid overcrowding altogether.

This time, as happened in November last year, hospitals are not completely clearing their deck of non-viral cases. While some minor surgeries are delayed again, hospitals are still treating COVID և non-COVID emergencies by putting some ICUs under strong, deteriorating pressure.



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