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“I did not want to go like this.” UW wide receiver Puka Nakua is considering the decision to enter the transfer portal

It is not often that the team’s leading broad receiver wants to access the transfer portal.

Still, Puka Nakua, who led Washington last season with a touchdown (9), yards (151) and touchdown (1), despite missing out on Stanford after a positive run for COVID-19, made it clear on Sunday intentions confirming to the Times that he had left town.

In his tweets on Monday, Nakua thanked the Husky Nation for “accepting me” and being a part of this chapter of my life. The memories and relationships made here will last a lifetime. ”

And yet, Nacua Husky’s career spanned just two seasons – just 11 games.

And what motivated his decision to take his talents elsewhere?

“It certainly was not an easy choice,” Nakua told KJR at 950 on Monday afternoon. “It was definitely not how I planned to put my mind here for my future here at UW. But some family problems arose, some questions with my family where I knew I had to be there to support my family and help them best. That’s how I came to my conclusion by entering the portal. “

When asked more whether it was a purely family decision, Nakua added: “It simply came to our notice then. I started playing as a freshman. I still remember my first touch և the energy I felt at Husky Stadium. Every time I think about it, I’m still juicing, just thinking about it. Definitely, (wide receiver coach ior unior) Adams և (head coach my imi) Lake was good for me, especially coach Adams. He is the coach I came in with.

“With all the coaches who have come to Coach JD (attack coordinator John on Donova) this year, և especially the energy change that came with Coach Lake, I did not want that to happen. But the family has always been something … I would not be anywhere without them, so I have to take care of them. ”

6-foot-1, 210-pound junior Nakua refused to disclose the details of his family situation, saying only that “it’s a decision I had to make, it was definitely not easy.” But I know that taking care of my family will always be the right decision. ” His father, Lionel Nakua, died suddenly on May 14, 2012, after a lifelong battle with diabetes. Puka’s mother, Penina, raised five sons and daughters on her own.

Last month, Puka’s older brother, Utah senior receiver Samson Nakua, entered the transfer portal. And given that the family is hailed from Provo, Utah և another brother, San Francisco 49th Security Kai Nakua, filmed at BYU, it is conceivable that Puka and Samson could soon become agar.

But Puka was not ready to make an early commitment on Monday.

“It would definitely be a great program. I’m sure my mom wanted to do it so we could be at home (BYU),” he said. “But I have to see how the situation develops. I talk to different schools. I’m excited for the future, but we’ll see. “

But what about the future of the Husky wide receiver? After Nakua, Thai Ason ounce (Fresno State) և Jordan Jordan’s China (Sacramento State) Each season each entered the transfer portal, the depth of the UW can be further and deeper.

Still, Nacua is encouraged by in-room receivers.

“I’m really excited for those guys. “I know that coach Adams is going to train those guys,” he said. “I know Terrell Bainum was looking forward to his crucial year. I’m excited about TB. Freshman, I’m excited for those guys, too. Husky Nation at Stanford a little (tasted) these guys: ale allen (macmillan) և rome (oduntse). But Sawyer (Rakaneli) will also be there, միշտ there is always AO (Austin Osborne) և Spike (Marquis Spyker).

“It’s a good room. I loved being one of those guys, constantly competing. They are all great, resourceful players who all succeed in their various ways. So it was very good to learn from those guys և to watch those guys work. ”

Now Puka Nakua will watch from a distance.

But what would he say to recruits, especially to the wider audience who consider him UW?

“I would definitely say do not hesitate,” Nakua said. “Coach Adams is one of the best in the business. And coach Lake, as he competes, և wants everyone to compete, ունի has a high standard for the team, it is definitely a recipe for success. “


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