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How to make the most of the third stimulus test

Kitty is a friend of the Pole Valley area of ​​Pennsylvania, whose family lives on both ends of an epidemic of financial life through their adult twins.

It’s a unique story that’s going to get its next turn with a review of the federal government’s latest boost.

Both of Kitty’s 24-year-olds were taken home during the first three months of stopping the coronavirus, but for very different reasons.

His son Alex was fired from his dream job in New York and came home to save money and be around the family. he will not return until Broadway’s theater district opens.

His daughter, Ellie, is a well-paid techie who և moved home from Charlotte, North Carolina, as her roommate was left alone, her rent increased, her twin brother was there, and her employer encouraged her to work. remotely

Therefore, you see the extreme extremes of epidemic finance in Kitty’s house. Ellie saves on rent, wardrobe and living expenses, adds 401 kilograms; an empty New York apartment he desperately wants to return to. He depends on the help of his family.

If the US economy goes into a K-shaped recovery, both ends of it – the financial beneficiaries – suffer – are visible in Kitty’s house.

And soon, both children will receive a $ 1,400 stimulus test from Uncle Sam.

As Keith was quick to point out, Alex needs the money and Eli doesn’t.

As such, the advice on what they should do with these third և, probably, final check-ups is very different.

That is to say, everyone who receives money, thinks about the “right thing” to do, falls somewhere in the financial spectrum, “among those who do not have it.”

So, if you are wondering how to make the most of the recent return of the government, here are some ideas to consider.

If the stimulus is a financial lifeline.

Make daily accounts your priority. Food, utilities / rent, health care և debt payments usually come first.

Find ways to meet your needs without spending. Take advantage of late payment, talk to creditors և ask for help.

Beyond traditional sources of help, look for new programs to overcome the epidemic. Be it restaurant, public transport, or catering services where neighbors feed people in their community, do not be proud to sign up for benefits.

With full disclosure, I joined a group preparing lasagna for people affected by the epidemic just to help. (Register in your area to cook or get something from your neighbor at lasagnalove.org.) Organizers usually want more people to offer help.

Likewise, there are many online community sites for “do not buy anything” groups where people give other things they need. Someone who struggles to make ends meet may be able to use the necessary items to stay away from others.

You live in an emergency. Everything that is not spent goes to the emergency fund.

Desperate times require desperate measures; You live in a real, cost-free challenge, so set aside every extra extra dollar until the hard times are over.

If the stimulus feels a bonus.

Loosen the load և extend the runway. As you do not have to pay a salary, consider using incentive money for promotion. Make payments in a few months, pay off your credit debt և and / or fill your emergency savings tank so that if you can not completely avoid trouble, you will be best prepared to deal with it.

Pay the money directly to Uncle Sam. Be sure to accept the amount, but consider paying your 2021 taxes in advance. Allowing you to adjust your deductions to improve future cash flows և or use them to pay Roth IRA conversion taxes to reduce the burden as you move. money from a traditional pension account to a Roth account where the salary is never taxed.

Many do not convert because they do not want to pay taxes now. Find out what part of your traditional account you can convert if you use the stimulus money to cover the taxes involved.

Obviously, this only applies if someone has retirement plans that qualify, which applies to Kitty, for example, but not to her children, but now using money to save on taxes can bring you a huge final to return

Play catch Even if you do not need to check for support, it does not mean that your savings go hand in hand with your hopes and dreams.

Whether you are struggling to put college savings aside or completely defer your own retirement accounts, using incentive money as a patchwork of those holes helps. Incentive: Typical short-term money, turn into something that can be of more long-term benefit to you.

Join the club or do your regular financial training. Given the headlines about jumping into new investor brokerage programs, do not be afraid to follow the crowd now և start investing or investing.

Whether you do it through a program, a traditional brokerage firm, or a program that allows you to buy fractional stakes in companies at once for several dollars, set the money for yourself.

Think big և long term, not fast. If Eli saved $ 1,400 and earned 8% on it, it would be about $ 45,000 when he reaches retirement age, making the one-time benefit a lifelong surprise.

Regardless of your stimulus testing need.

Think about how the other half lives, ծախս spend or invest accordingly. Easy Street and Hard Avenue are not too far apart. Imagine yourself on the other side of the financial trail, then use incentives to protect or secure yourself by reducing or avoiding difficulties now or in the future.


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