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How much weight did we gain during the blocks? 2 2 per month, study reviews

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The new study analyzed data from 269 participants in an ongoing cardiology study, the Health eHeart Study. They voluntarily reported weight measurements from Bluetooth-enabled smart scales and weighed them regularly. The researchers collected 7,444 weight measurements over four months, averaging 28 weights per participant.

The group was not a national representation, so the results are not generalized. About three-quarters were white; only 3.5 percent were identified as S or African-American; About 3 percent were recognized as Asian-American. The average age was 51 years, they were almost equally divided between men and women.

Participants were from 37 states շրջ from the District of Columbia. The researchers analyzed the weight measurements made in 2020. From February 1 to 2020 June 1 to see the weight changes both after the asylum and after each shelter orders for each state.

While participants generally lost orders before placing orders, their weights steadily increased by six tenths of a pound every 10 days after the order was issued, regardless of the country in which they were located, regardless of the chronic weather. Medical conditions:

Blockade has certainly had an impact on diet, what people eat and how often they eat. Researchers say the restrictions also limited physical activity, which is part of everyday life.

“If you think about people who walk, even run to the subway or stop, or go to the post office to send a letter or stop at a store, we burn a lot of calories in our non-sporting activities of daily living,” he said. said Lean Redman, a professor of clinical physiology at the Pennington Center for Biomedical Research at Louisiana State University.

His research showed that people ate a healthier diet in the first days of separation, but were more sedentary.

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